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District Closures Could Lead to Unemployment Claims

September 06, 2017 • Zach DiSchiano

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey has caused destruction and devastation along the Texas coast and into parts of southeast and central Texas resulting in over 160 district closures. While some districts were able to reconvene after a one-day closure, others have not been as fortunate. These closures may trigger unemployment claims by district employees if the districts do not compensate employees during this time off.

An employee out of work during a disastrous weather event such as a hurricane or flood may have a valid unemployment claim. Such claims would be treated as regular unemployment compensation for the standard 26-week period and employees must be able and available to work during this time. Employers in the state, including school districts, would be protected from any charge for claims that extend beyond the regular 26 weeks, if still during a disaster declaration.

More general information about unemployment benefits is available in the HR Library

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