Data Shows Educator Concerns over School Reopenings

June 08, 2020 • Briana Perry

Data Shows Educator Concerns over School Reopenings

EdWeek Research Center’s new study sheds light on educator concerns on returning to the classroom and what factors may determine if they want to return at all.

During the beginning stages of the pandemic, schools focused on bridging the education gap from home to ensure learning could effectively continue during quarantine. As COVID-19 restrictions loosen in some areas, the concern now has turned to how safe educators feel about returning to the classroom and if they want to return at all.

According to EdWeek, 65% of educators think schools should remain closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, some personal factors may determine how comfortable or uncomfortable educators are with in-person teaching:

  • Educators with health conditions or loved ones with health conditions were less likely to feel comfortable with schools reopening.
  • Student age was also a determining factor as those with older students reported more support for schools to reopen than educators who taught younger students.
  • Community was a factor with those in rural areas more likely to support a reopening than those who worked in cities.

For more information on the topic, check out the EdWeek Research Center study and The 74 Million article on ways to ease reopening concerns for educators.

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