Training and Staff Development Plans for 2021–2022

July 08, 2021 • TASB Legal Services

Training and Staff Development Plans for 2021–2022

Members are wondering when the TASB School Law eSource School District Training Chart will be updated.

TASB Legal Services is currently in the process of updating the School District Training Chart. As noted below, changes required in result of the 87th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature, will not significantly alter requirements for staff development for 2021–2022. When changes to the chart are finalized, HR Services will post a notice in the HRX.

Legislative changes

The Texas Legislature often adds new professional development requirements for school district staff as a response to needs and challenges that arise in the public-school setting. School staff is also required to complete continuing education to maintain certification.

This session, the 87th Texas Legislature addressed concerns that staff development and required teacher training were often duplicative and time intensive. In response to an interim study known as the Texas Teacher Workforce Report, lawmakers passed Senate Bill 1267 to address redundant training requirements.

Continuing education and training clearinghouse

Senate Bill 1267 requires the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) to publish a comprehensive clearinghouse of information regarding continuing education and training requirements for school personnel by June 1, 2022. The clearinghouse will include recommendations on the frequency of training requirements if the frequency is not addressed in statute.

Senate Bill 1267 also charges SBEC with creating a clearinghouse advisory group, composed of teachers and representatives from teacher organizations, to review and provide input on the clearinghouse. The advisory group will review the clearinghouse every two years and report on whether any of the training or continuing education can be reduced, eliminated, or consolidated.

Staff development for 2021–2022

Because of the scope of the project, the continuing education and training clearinghouse will not be available until next year. However, Senate Bill 1267 made changes to certain staff development requirements, effective immediately.

Under Senate Bill 1267, only the district’s cybersecurity coordinator is required to complete cybersecurity training annually. Any other school employee required to complete training must complete it as determined by the district, in consultation with cybersecurity coordinator.

The following trainings are no longer required: 

  • Dating violence training on campuses that instruct students below grade six
  • Student and teacher training for bus evacuation
  • Student training on recognizing catastrophic injuries and risks related to dietary supplements for athletic performance
  • Nature Science Curriculum Project

Other considerations

Some changes remove the annual training requirement, and instead require training in accordance with a policy developed in response to the clearinghouse recommendations. Because there are no recommendations in place, TASB Legal Services suggests that districts continue training on the same schedule as the 2020–2021 school year.

Issues impacted by other bills passed in the regular legislative session, including HB 1118 and HB 159, are addressed in Legislative Update: Training and Staff Development.

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