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Patrick Releases More Interim Charges

November 01, 2017 • Amy Campbell

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick posted another batch of interim charges to Senate committees to look into ahead of the next legislative session.
Below are the topics Patrick listed that impact public schools and teachers.

Senate Education Committee

Teacher Compensation: Study current local, state, and/or national compensation strategies for classroom teachers and make recommendations to elevate the teaching profession as well as comprehensive policies to attract, retain, and reward teachers.
Classroom Conduct and Teacher Support: Examine current student discipline mandates in code, study best practice models to reduce classroom discipline issues, and provide direct support for students and classroom teachers.

House Higher Education Committee

Review current data available to the public about Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) and make recommendations to ensure the data is transparent, user-friendly, and actionable. Review the current EPP accountability system and recommend any new indicators or changes, including evaluating the ability of programs to meet the workforce needs of school districts by preparing teachers for high-needs areas.

Determine ways to measure the effectiveness of teachers prepared by individual programs. For traditional EPPs, make recommendations on how to more fully involve boards of regents in an effort to elevate the importance of teacher preparation within our state institutions. Examine current joint partnerships between EPPs and public schools to meet regional workforce needs, and make recommendations on how to scale these partnerships. 
Read the House charges released in October.
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