Model Employee Handbooks Updated

June 09, 2021 • Sarah James

Model Employee Handbooks Updated

The 2021 updates to the Model Employee Handbook (MEH) and the Community College MEH are now available to TASB HR Services members.

The district MEH update includes edits to the Leaves and Absences section to reflect changes to Policy DEC (LOCAL) in Update 117, which districts began receiving in early June. In Update 117 administrative provisions are being removed, requiring districts to develop written regulations or procedures for leave administration.

The district MEH and community college MEH updates include new topics for districts and colleges designated as a Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite and those providing extended leave. Also included are editorial changes to ensure text accurately reflects policy or legal provisions.

A second update will be issued in July if changes are needed as a result of the 87th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature.

Sarah James is the communications specialist at TASB HR Services. Send Sarah an email at

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