Model Contract Changes for 2019

March 07, 2019 • April Mabry


The TASB Model Contracts and related documents have been updated and are available in the HR Library. The most significant changes this year relate to clarifying the assignment of duties under a contract.

  • Representations: Beginning of Contract and During Contract. Revised to include a reference to Policy DH(LOCAL).
  • Duties: Assignment/Reassignment. Reworded language relating to the assignment of duties and responsibilities during a contract term.
  • Duties: Supplemental Duty. Defined supplemental duty as a duty not included in the position named in the contract.
  • Duties: Dual Assignment. Clarified language distinguishing dual assignment from supplemental duty assignment.
  • Compensation: Salary. Specified that salary for contracted duties does not include consideration for supplemental duties.
  • Other Provisions: Addenda. Removed option to circle whether contract included addenda.
  • Expiration of Offer. Rephrased provision to state that, if a new contract is not returned before the specified date, the current contract expires on its own terms and employment ends with the conclusion of the existing contract.

The following changes have been made to other models in the Contract and Assignment section of the HR Library:

  • Notice of Assignment of Supplemental Duties. Added definition of supplemental duties and added the term before each mention of such duties.
  • Retire/Rehire Addendum. Deleted reference to state minimum salary.

These samples are prepared as general guidelines. School districts should consult with their local attorney to customize these samples for local use. Questions regarding the new TASB Model Contracts may be directed to TASB Legal Services at 800.580.5345 or TASB HR Services at 800.580.7782.

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