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Interim and Acting Superintendent Certification

July 02, 2018 • Ann Patton

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Q: Must an interim or acting superintendent be certified?

A: No, the Texas Education Code is silent on the practice of hiring an interim or acting superintendent. Many times, the board appoints the chief financial officer or business manager, who are frequently not certified educators, to act in that role, or hire a temporary interim from outside the district. There's no requirement to hire an interim or acting superintendent. However, policy and law frequently delegate authority to the superintendent or require him or her to perform specific tasks. Consequently, someone in the district must assume these responsibilities.

The interim superintendent is a temporary, substitute position, so there are no contractual requirements. It’s best to document expectations regarding the services to be performed through a contract. Contact your local attorney for guidance. There also is a sample Interim Superintendent Contract in TASB Legal Services Guide to Superintendent Contracts.

Ann Patton is a managing consultant at TASB HR Services. You can reach her by emailing ann.patton@tasb.org.

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