Extending Paid and Unpaid Leave Through a Resolution

August 28, 2020 • Karen Dooley

Extending Paid and Unpaid Leave Through a Resolution

Employees typically have a plethora of leave options available, but multiple exposures and incidents of COVID-19 illnesses are causing employees to exhaust leave entitlements.

Entities have inquired about ways to support employees who have exhausted leave. A board resolution provides a simple solution to temporarily provide additional paid and unpaid leave options. Customizable sample resolutions can be found in the appendix of Personnel Issues During Epidemics and School Closings in TASB Legal eSource.

It is important to identify and address specifics of the leave program in the resolution prior to adoption. This will ensure it is easy to manage and is temporary in nature related to the pandemic. Important considerations to be made prior to approving a board resolution include the following:

  • Type and amount of leave (e.g., paid leave, unpaid leave, or both)
  • Rate of pay for paid leave option (e.g., full pay, two-thirds pay)
  • Eligibility criteria (e.g., employee group, full- or part-time, length of employment)
  • Qualifying events (e.g., self or family member, quarantine for work exposure)
  • Coordination with existing leave provisions (e.g., add COVID-19 reason to eligibility criteria for leave pool or bank, increase number of extended sick leave days if COVID-19 related, forego neutral absence provision for pandemic-related absences)
  • Effective period of resolution (e.g., December end date)

Additional information regarding leave during a pandemic can be found in the Epidemic Response section of the HR Library.

Karen Dooley is a senior HR consultant at TASB HR Services. Send Karen an email at karen.dooley@tasb.org.

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