Unemployment Compensation Fraud

January 28, 2021 • Sarah James

Unemployment Compensation Fraud

Employers should continue to be diligent in reviewing unemployment claims for fraudulent activity.

The three most common types of fraud seen are identity theft, part-time employees failing to report wages, and full-time employees failing to report wages. To protect themselves against fraudulent activity, districts should:

  • Review quarterly statements for suspicious activity
  • Cooperate with the Texas Workforce Commission by completing the Request for Earnings Information form
  • Pay attention to red flags such as claims with misspelled names, maiden instead of married names, incorrect employer account numbers or Social Security numbers, and claims for employees still working for or people who have never worked for the district.

Expert support is available to TASB Risk Management Fund members with Unemployment Compensation coverage. For more information on the topic, including reporting fraud and identity theft concerns, check out Pulling Back the Curtain on Unemployment Compensation Fraud and the HRX article Fraudulent Unemployment Claims on the Rise.

Sarah James is a communications specialist at TASB HR Services. Send Sarah an email at sarah.james@tasb.org.

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