TRS Approves TRS-ActiveCare Increases

June 17, 2021 • Patti Redding

TRS Approves TRS-ActiveCare Increases

The TRS Board of Directors met this month to approve proposed changes to TRS-ActiveCare rates for 2021–22 effective September 1, 2021.

TRS-ActiveCare rates

Rates increased by around 8 percent for TRS-ActiveCare Primary, TRS-ActiveCare HD, and TRS-ActiveCare-2 rates, while TRS-ActiveCare Primary+ plan rates received an increase of 5.5 percent.

The board reviewed information showing that Texas self-insured plan rates have increased 24 percent since 2013, while TRS plan rates have only increased 8 percent in that amount of time.

It was noted that the increases to 2021–22 rates were due to the pandemic as well as districts choosing to offer competing health plans, creating fewer participants in the TRS-ActiveCare program, which drives up the costs. TRS estimated that the rate increases would have been 2.5 percent less this year without the impact of competing coverage.

TRS-ActiveCare benefits

The plan benefits remain unchanged, with the exception of the HD plan where specifics were updated to stay in compliance with federal guidelines for high deductible healthcare plans.

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Legislative action

Senate Bill (SB) 1444 of the 87th Session of the Texas Legislature, signed by the governor and effective September 1, 2021, provides districts with an option to opt out of TRS-ActiveCare. Districts currently participating in ActiveCare have the option to exit, and districts currently not in ActiveCare wishing to join will be able to opt in. Notice of a change in ActiveCare participation must be made by the newly established annual opt out deadline of December 31. To provide for stability of the TRS plan, the choice to opt in or out will be effective for five years. Districts currently in ActiveCare will not need to do anything if they wish to stay in the program.

Districts of Innovation that offered competing coverage may continue to offer the plan for the upcoming plan year but will be subject to the opt in or out provision in future years.

Additional information on provisions of SB 1444 will be addressed in future HRX posts.

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