TASB Extra-Duty Stipend Survey Now Open

November 01, 2022 • Chau Tran

The 2022–2023 TASB Extra-Duty Stipend Survey is now accepting responses!

An email invitation to participate in this year’s survey was sent to the main survey contact in each district on Thursday, October 20, 2022. Primary and additional contacts will receive reminders through November if their district’s survey has not been completed.

The survey deadline is November 17.

Participant facts

  • On the first day of emailing invites, 44 districts completed their survey, and 104 completed it within the first week the survey was open. There are dozens more districts with surveys in progress.
  • The Extra-Duty Stipend Survey is less data-heavy than the District Personnel Survey, so it typically is completed faster.
  • Between 420 and 500 districts typically participate in the survey, with an average of 465 responses over the last 10 surveys. Some years see higher or lower participation due to current events impacting school districts.
  • Median enrollment of participants so far is 1,432. Completed surveys range from six districts with fewer than 200 students to six with more than 20,000.

Other surveys

Miss the deadline for the TASB District Personnel Salary Survey? We can accept late responses on the District Personnel Salary Survey but may take additional time for processing and data verification. HR Services analysts are completing data checks and will contact districts where clarifications are needed. New data will be available December 1 via TASB HR DataSource™.

HR Surveys will be conducted in spring, and more details will be announced as we get closer.

Visit the TASB Salary Surveys webpage for more information about our surveys and TASB HRDataSource.

Chau Tran is a senior data analyst at TASB HR Services. If you have questions about our salary surveys or want to request your district’s survey link, please email salary.survey@tasb.org.

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