TASB District Personnel Survey Now Open

September 10, 2020 • Janelle Guillory

TASB District Personnel Survey Now Open

This year’s TASB District Personnel Salary Survey is now accepting responses!

Our main survey contact in each district received an email invitation to participate on Thursday, September 3. Contacts will receive reminder emails later this month, if necessary. HR Services additional contacts will receive an invite link if the district’s survey is not completed by Tuesday, September 22.

The survey deadline is October 1.

We appreciate our early-bird participants! Here are some fast facts from early surveys:

  • During the first morning of emailing invites, 18 districts submitted their surveys.
  • Within two days, we had responses from 28 districts. We generally receive 500 to 550 responses each year.
  • Due to the amount of data required in the survey, District Personnel Surveys come in slower than Superintendent Surveys.
  • Median enrollment is 414—our earliest responses generally come from small districts with fewer benchmark jobs to enter. Currently, responding districts range from fewer than 100 students to over 5,000.

Janelle Guillory is an assistant director at TASB HR Services. If you have questions about our salary surveys or want to request your district’s survey link, please email salary.survey@tasb.org.

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