TASB College Personnel Survey Now Open

September 19, 2023 • Janelle Guillory

TASB College Personnel Survey Now Open

Texas community colleges have the opportunity to participate in the 2023-2024 TASB Community College Salary Survey, giving member colleges the ability to create and download custom job market reports on faculty salaries and benchmark job duty days and pay.

The main survey contact in each college received an email invitation to participate on September 7. Those contacts will receive reminder emails later this month, if necessary. An expanded list of contacts will receive an invite link if the college’s survey is not completed by September 21.

The survey deadline is October 5.

Participant facts

  • Within the first two weeks after emailing invites, three colleges completed their survey and seven more are in progress.
  • Early responses come from 9 ESC regions, covering a wide area of the state.
  • Of 50 community colleges statewide, we generally receive 32 to 34 responses each year.
  • Due to the amount of data required in the survey, Community College Salary Surveys come in gradually over the weeks the survey is open. The bulk of our surveys come in 3 or more weeks after the survey opens.

Visit the TASB HR Services website for more information about our surveys and TASB HRDataSource™, including sample surveys, survey assistance files, and FAQs.

Janelle Guillory is the data services coordinator at TASB HR Services. If you have questions about our salary surveys or want to request your college’s survey link, please email salary.survey@tasb.org.

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