TASB 2018–2019 Health Insurance Premiums Survey Results

February 07, 2019 • Chau Tran

health insurance survey results

According to the newest health insurance premiums survey conducted by TASB HR Services, Texas school district health insurance offerings remain similar to last year, with only slight fluctuations. This data reflects 311 Texas public school districts who completed the survey by January 2019.

  • TRS-ActiveCare PPO or HMO plan: 90 percent of responding districts participate in TRS-ActiveCare. The remaining 10 percent are self-insured, partially self-insured, or fully insured, similar to 2017–2018 respondents.

type of medical insurance

  • Premiums increasing: 90 percent of responding Texas school districts reported their health insurance premiums increased in 2018‒2019. This was 95 percent in 2017–2018.
  • Employee costs: 89 percent of these districts passed all or some of the additional costs on to employees, compared to 90 percent last year.
  • District contributions: median district contributions are $300 per month for both employee-only (individual) plans and employee-plus-family plans among responding districts. These remain the same as 2017–2018 and include the $75 contributed by the state.
  • Employee contributions: median employee contributions are $92 per month for individual plans and $1,099 per month for employee-plus-family among responding districts.
  • Health care cost-saving measures: the most popular measures among the 311 participating districts are listed below:

top 4 health care cost saving measures

  • TRS-ActiveCare PPO plan rates: rates increased again for 2018–2019 for all health plans and coverage tiers (Employee Only, Employee & Spouse, Employee & Children, Employee & Family). Below are the average rate increases for each TRS ActiveCare and HMO plan premium.
    • TRS-ActiveCare 1-HD (high deductible) Plan: 4 percent
    • TRS-ActiveCare Select Plan: 5 percent
    • TRS-ActiveCare 2 Plan: 9 percent
    • TRS-ActiveCare HMO Plan - FirstCare: 4 percent
    • TRS-ActiveCare HMO Plan - Blue Essentials: 3 percent
    • TRS-ActiveCare HMO Plan - Scott & White: 5 percent

HR Services member districts can participate in the ongoing 2018–2019 health insurance premiums survey in DataCentral. Users can access the full results upon completion of the survey.

Chau Tran is a senior data analyst at TASB HR Services. Send Chau an email at Chau.Tran@tasb.org.

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