Salary Survey Update: Stipend Data

February 02, 2022 • Janelle Guillory

Salary Survey Update: Stipend Data

Data from the 2021–2022 TASB Extra-Duty Stipend Survey is now available on TASB HRDatasource™.

Extra-Duty Stipend data now on TASB HRDataSource

To view stipend survey data, log into TASB HRDataSource, choose Salary Reports then Athletic, Performing Arts, and Academic Stipends, then select the criteria for the report. The report will display in the browser, and it can be searched as well as downloaded in PDF or Excel.

Participation increased this year compared to previous stipend surveys. We received 525 responses, with 436 complete and included in reporting. If your district received questions from our team, please reply so we can include your data in TASB HRDataSource.

Ongoing and future surveys

The TASB HR Surveys are open through February 17. These four surveys can be accessed through a single link, and they cover HR department, contracts, teacher and substitute practices, and benefits and leaves. We expect to make results available on TASB HRDataSource in mid-March.

Our website includes timelines for this survey season and FAQs and samples for the surveys HR Services conducts. In early summer we will announce dates for the 2022–2023 surveys.

Janelle Guillory is an assistant director at TASB HR Services. Send Janelle an email at

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