Salary and HR Survey Update

November 11, 2020 • Janelle Guillory

Salary and HR Survey Update

TASB HR Services saw increased participation in salary surveys and looks ahead to other HR surveys.

District Personnel and Community College Salary Surveys

We had a dramatic increase in participation in our District Personnel Salary Survey this year (574 districts participating, compared to 505 last year). We sincerely thank everyone who has participated! HR Services analysts are reviewing data for that survey as well as our community college survey. Individuals who submitted their organization’s survey may receive an email with a few data questions to clarify.

Data for the District Personnel Salary Survey will be posted to HRDataSource on December 3 and for the Community College Salary Survey on December 10.

Other HR Services Surveys

As a reminder, there will be no Extra-Duty Stipend Survey this year due to uncertainty around sports and activities due to COVID-19.

In February we will launch our new HR Surveys, which will allow districts to answer questions about benefits and leaves, contracts, HR department, as well as teachers/substitutes. We expect that data to be available in HRDataSource in late March.

Janelle Guillory is an assistant director at TASB HR Services. If you have questions about our salary surveys or want to request your district’s survey link, please email

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