Compensating Teachers in Additional Days School Year Program

February 19, 2020 • Cheryl Hoover

Compensating Teachers in Additional Days School Year Program

The Additional Days School Year (ADSY) created by House Bill 3 incentivizes school districts to add up to 30 instructional days to any elementary school schedule.  

As districts begin planning ADSY, they may be wondering what’s the best way to pay teachers who work these additional days. The program option a district chooses will determine how teachers are paid. 

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides three program options for districts to choose from when implementing ADSY:

  • Optional Summer Programming: a summer learning program 
  • Intersessional Calendar: adds days throughout the year
  • Full-Year Redesign: adds days throughout the school year and summer to create a year-long calendar

Teachers working the Optional Summer Programming or the Intersessional Calendar options could be paid through a stipend, which is a fairly standard practice for paying teachers for additional workdays. Districts choosing the full-year design may decide it is best to extend a teacher’s contract to 11- or 12-months and pay through their regular salary.

For more information on the topic, visit the TEA website

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