New Survey Data Available in TASB HRDataSource

December 04, 2020 • Janelle Guillory

New Survey Data Available in TASB HRDataSource

Data from the 2020 TASB District Personnel Salary Survey is now available in TASB HRDataSource™.

To view District Personnel Survey data for teacher and other school benchmark jobs, log in to myTASB, navigate to TASB HRDataSource, choose Salary Reports, then pick the criteria for your report. The report will display in your browser, and you can download in PDF or Excel.

Data from our 2019 Extra-Duty Stipend Survey was also made available this week, and 2020 Community College Salary Survey data will be posted December 10.

If you have questions about HRDataSource or our surveys, please contact or 800.580.7782 to speak to an analyst.

Janelle Guillory is an assistant director at TASB HR Services. Send Janelle an email at

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