HR Surveys: Benefits and Leaves

June 01, 2021 • Sarah James

HR Surveys: Benefits and Leaves

Results from the TASB HR Services 2020–2021 HR Surveys shed some light on the current state of health insurance premiums and leave benefits in Texas school districts.

Health insurance

Of 403 responding districts, 88.1 percent reported offering a TRS ActiveCare PPO or HMO plan. The remaining districts are on fully insured, self-insured, or partially self-insured plans.

Types of insurance offered

At 83.9 percent, most districts require employees to contribute to their employee-only insurance premiums. Across districts of all sizes, the median district monthly contribution is $310 per employee per month, and the median monthly employee contribution is $97.

Monthly health insurance premiums increased this school year, with 271 districts (67.2 percent) reporting an increase. Most of these districts opted to pass the costs on to the employees.

Increase paid by district

Districts have implemented various healthcare cost saving measures. The most popular offerings are:

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Telehealth services (doctor consultation via phone or video)
  • Onsite flu shots or other immunizations
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

Leave benefits

At 95.3 percent, the vast majority of responding districts provide fully paid local leave days in addition to the required five days of state personal leave. The number of days offered ranged from zero to ten, with a median of five days across all employee groups. Most districts who offer local leave benefits make all days available at the beginning of the school year.

When local leave is available

Districts were split nearly in half with regards to providing reimbursement for unused leave. Those who reimburse for unused leave days primarily do so for resignation at retirement only.

Leave reimbursement

Full survey results can be found in TASB HRDataSource™ (member login required). Information regarding 2020–2021 TRS-ActiveCare rates can be found on the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) website.

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