HR Survey Update

February 08, 2021 • Janelle Guillory

HR Survey Update

On February 4th, TASB HR Services opened participation in the new HR Surveys using our online survey tool.

The main survey contact in each district received an email invitation to participate, and contacts will receive reminder emails later this month, if necessary.

What used to be 16 separate surveys have now been grouped into a single form, with four topics that members can complete in the order they choose. The topics in the new survey are:

  1. HR Department (staff, HR responsibilities, HRIS)
  2. Contracts (superintendent, teacher, and administrator/professional)
  3. Teacher & Substitute Practices (professional development, dual credit, CTE, supplemental/summer pay, teacher/nonteacher substitutes)
  4. Benefits & Leaves (health insurance, supplemental benefits, leaves)

The new survey has a great response rate so far. The first day saw 38 districts complete the survey and an additional 28 districts finish at least two sections. A sincere thank you to those eager participants!

We expect the data to be available in TASB HRDataSource™ in late March.

Janelle Guillory is an assistant director at TASB HR Services. If you have questions about our salary surveys or want to request your district’s survey link, please email

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