Highlights from Community College Salary Survey

February 23, 2021 • Janelle Guillory

Highlights from Community College Salary Survey

Many community colleges in Texas skipped pay increases for 2020–2021, according to data from the TASB Community College Salary Survey, and the median faculty salary (across all degree levels) is $60,472.

The pandemic required evolving approaches to student and college needs. With an uncertain enrollment and budget outlook, colleges were more conservative with pay increases compared to last year: 19 of 33 respondents gave no pay increase at all. By contrast, in 2019–2020, all responding colleges gave a pay increase to some employees, and most gave an increase to all groups (faculty, administrator, professional, clerical, and auxiliary).

Faculty results

This is the fourth year TASB HR Services has conducted an annual survey of community college salaries, and we saw the best participation so far, with 33 of 50 college responding.

The median faculty average salary in responding colleges is $60,472 for 2020–2021. Median faculty average salaries varied by enrollment:

  • $53,967 in colleges with fewer than 5,000 students (12 respondents)
  • $61,178 in colleges with 5,000 to 9,999 students (10 respondents)
  • $64,078 in colleges with 10,000 or more students (11 respondents)

The statewide median starting salary for new faculty ranges from $39,855 to $49,396 depending on the degree. The most common degree/pay level reported for full‐time faculty was a master’s degree without additional hours (all 33 participants, representing over 3,900 full‐time faculty) followed by a doctorate (32 participants, representing over 2,400 full‐time faculty).

Part-time faculty rates varied from a median of $652 per credit hour for faculty with a certificate or associate degree to $686 for faculty with their master’s or doctorate. Median lab pay is $633 per credit hour, while median overload and lecture pay are each $688 per credit hour. Two annual stipends are also surveyed. Median department chair pay is $5,500 per year. Lead faculty is the least common additional pay on the survey (only 7 of 33 respondents pay this) with a median of $2,990 per year.

Non-faculty results

A total of 93 non-faculty benchmark jobs are also surveyed to gather the number of incumbents, days/hours worked, pay ranges, and actual/average incumbent pay. These benchmarks cover the following areas: leadership, business/finance, HR, marketing, academics, student services, clerical, instructional support, maintenance/auxiliary, safety/security, and information technology.

The least common benchmarks are research assistant and bookstore manager (7 and 8 respondents, respectively) while the most common benchmarks are president/chancellor, director of financial aid, and financial aid specialist (all 33 respondents reported these).

Customized reports

HR Services members can run reports of the community college faculty and other college jobs data through TASB HRDataSource™. Members can select the ESC region, enrollment size, or specific college names that are relevant to their needs.

Janelle Guillory is an assistant director at TASB HR Services. Send Janelle an email at janelle.guillory@tasb.org.

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