Help! I’m supposed to complete your salary survey

September 19, 2019 • Janelle Guillory

Help! I’m supposed to complete your salary survey

Each fall, our districts and colleges receive salary surveys from HR Services and work to collect data on the variety of benchmarks we survey—including the District Personnel and Community College Surveys launching this month.

For current surveys, you can download the Microsoft Excel questionnaire and PDF version on HR Services’ Salary Surveys page. Job descriptions are available within the Excel file as you complete the survey—just hover over a job title and it will pop up.

If you’re new to the role or a bit rusty since last year, it may be overwhelming to gather, enter, and validate data for the benchmarks on our District Personnel, Community College, or Extra-Duty Stipend surveys. However, organizations benefit when they participate and can compare their current pay and ranges to peers using the DataCentral online reporting tool.

What info do I need?

The District Personnel and Community College Surveys have separate tabs (or sheets) about:

  • Pay increases granted for the current year
  • Salaries and stipends for teachers or faculty
  • Staff counts, duty days/hours, pay ranges, and average pay for other benchmark jobs

The Extra-Duty Stipend Survey has separate tabs about:

  • General stipend practices for coaching and days payments
  • Staff counts, stipend values, and extra days for benchmarked stipends

These surveys are Microsoft Excel files, so it’s easy to stop and come back to them if you don’t have all the information yet. You can also paste data in from reports you’ve run or share the file with a colleague for review.

When do I need to do this?


Invitation Date

Due Date

Results on DataCentral

Teacher/District Personnel




Community College




Extra-Duty Stipend




If you have any questions or need assistance, please email or call HR Services (800.580.7782).

Janelle Guillory is an assistant director at TASB HR Services. Send her an email at

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