Dual Credit Teacher Pay Survey Results

March 20, 2018 • Troy Bryant

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Preliminary results from our new Dual Credit Teacher Pay survey reveal less than half of Texas school districts provide the funding for dual credit teacher pay. According to the survey, about one-quarter (24 percent) of dual credit teachers are paid using district funds, while 23 percent of teachers are paid by a combination of district and college funds. Colleges account for 53 percent of dual credit teacher pay.

Dual credit teacher pay pie graph

Of the districts that pay dual credit teachers, or split the cost with colleges, about half (51 percent) do not pay a supplement for teaching dual credit. The dual credit teacher is paid according to the regular salary schedule with no additional stipend. For those that pay a supplement, the most common payment method is per class/course/credit hour/section, according to the survey.

Unit of payment for supplemental pay amount for teaching dual credits

Among school districts that pay a stipend, the amount can vary significantly based on the type of payment method. The median payment per class/course/credit hour/section is $825, per semester the median is $1,250, per year the median is $2,250, and per student the median is $100. For comparison purposes across all payment types, the district was also asked to provide the annual supplemental amount paid (above standard teacher pay) to an instructor for teaching dual credit. The median stipend paid by a district to a dual credit teacher is $2,500 annually.

Overall, 95 percent of responding school districts reported offering dual credit courses to high school students. Half (50 percent) of dual credit courses are taught at a high school campus, while more than one-quarter (27 percent) are taught online, followed by college campuses (20 percent) and other locations (3 percent).

The survey was launched in February 2018 and includes survey responses from 144 Texas public school districts representing all ESC Regions. Districts can still participate in the survey by visiting the HR Data page in DataCentral. Detailed survey results are available to download immediately after participation.

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