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Team Building for School Boards

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Whether you’re on a football team or a board-superintendent team, you’ve got to learn how to work well with your teammates — or risk dropping the ball.

The State Board of Education considers teamwork critical to the function of school leadership teams and requires board-superintendent teams to receive team-building training annually.

Here are the key requirements:

  • Leadership teams must spend at least three hours in a team-building session each year.
  • All board members and the superintendent must attend.
  • The activity should enhance team effectiveness.
  • The session must include a review of the roles, rights and responsibilities of the board as outlined in the Framework for School Board Development.
  • It should include an assessment that identifies continuing education targets for the year.
  • The Framework for School Board Development should be used as a guide for identifying useful continuing education topics.

Start Planning Your Team Activity

Your team should decide in advance what you'd like to accomplish in your team-building session. Get started by:

  • Posting team-building options on a meeting agenda and discussing what kinds of activities might benefit the team
  • Agreeing on an activity that you think will help the team improve its working relationships
  • Deciding on a time when all team members can participate and who might facilitate the activity

Find an Expert Coach for Your Team Training

Like an experienced coach, a TASB Board Development Services consultant can help increase your team's skills by conducting a team-building session.

Your board decides which subject area to focus on in your training. The possibilities include:

  • Assessing performance and planning for improvement
  • Clarifying roles and working relationships
  • Understanding work styles and personality types
  • Refining operating procedures
  • Addressing common problems
  • Developing a vision and setting goals
  • Improving community relations

The More Districts Participating, the Better

When two or more districts conduct a workshop together, each pays a reduced price. (Team-building topics are limited for these sessions.)

Ask us about team-building options! Contact us at or 800-580-8272, ext. 2450.

Do you know what training you’re required to receive?

This article was originally published in Oct. 2020 and has been updated. 

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