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TASB Energy Cooperative Members to Share Savings

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Eligible TASB Energy Cooperative members will be getting a check in the mail soon, thanks to the Cooperative’s commitment to its members and continuous improvement. Savings from operational efficiencies have resulted in excess revenue that will be going back to members with a one-time, lump sum disbursement to Cooperative members totaling $389,000.

“On behalf of the Energy Cooperative board, we are excited to be able to give this money back to our members,” said TASB Executive Director and Energy Cooperative Board Secretary Dan Troxell. “The Cooperative’s electricity and fuel programs are designed to bring value and budget certainty, and that’s especially important these days as school districts and local governments deal with the impact of inflationary price increases on their overall bottom line.”

The TASB Energy Cooperative, which began in 2008, is a leader in Texas in providing competitive pricing and fixed-rate and rack-rate energy options through a transparent procurement process. Participating vendors in the Cooperative are chosen through a publicly advertised, competitive procurement process.

Disbursements will be determined based on member participation and usage of Cooperative programs over the most recent two fiscal years. The average distribution is about $1,800. The distribution plan was approved in February by the Energy Cooperative Board of Trustees, made up of elected officials and employees of Cooperative members.

“We wanted the largest possible opportunity for active members in the Cooperative to benefit from this distribution of excess revenue,” said Cooperative Board Chair Benny May, who also serves as vice president on the Barbers Hill ISD school board. “It’s also a way to express our appreciation to our members for their ongoing support and involvement in the Cooperative. Their participation is critical to our success.”

The checks should be arriving to eligible Cooperative members within the next few weeks.

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TASB Energy Cooperative

The Energy Cooperative helps school districts, colleges, universities, and governmental entities across Texas increase purchasing power and create budget certainty.

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