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Paving the Way: Dickinson ISD Students Put Safety in the Driver’s Seat

The Dickinson High School student council partnered with Teens in the Driver’s Seat to promote safe driving practices.

Members of a high school stu­dent council embarked on a mission this year to promote driver awareness and responsibility among their peers at Dickinson ISD. The small dis­trict located along the Gulf Coast west of Galveston took a proactive approach to a subject not typically tackled by teens.

Dickinson ISD collaborated with Teens in the Driver’s Seat, a national safety pro­gram, to develop a comprehensive driver awareness program tailored to the needs of its students. The program aimed to ed­ucate young drivers about the rules of the road and to instill a sense of responsibility and mindfulness behind the wheel.

“Through this partnership, our school community has been taught to prioritize safe driving, with student council serv­ing as a catalyst for spreading impactful stories and educating students about the importance of safe driving,” said Jaila Oatis, a Dickinson High School student council member.

Empowering Safer Drivers

Teens in the Driver’s Seat provided educational resources to empower Dickin­son High School students to educate their peers about the perils of distracted driving and promote safer driving strategies. The student council set up information booths throughout the school year with giveaways and activities to encourage awareness of safer driving practices.

One of the more powerful moments in the teens’ campaign was the story shared by guest speaker Tyson Dever, who was paralyzed as the result of an accident caused by a distracted driver. His firsthand account of the permanent damage caused by a distracted driver had a lasting impact on the high school audience.

Dickinson ISD shared the success of their teen driving awareness program at TASB’s Governance Camp in March.

“Watching and listening to all the DHS student council students involved with the Governance Camp presentations and demonstrations was inspiring,” said Carla Voelkel, Dickinson ISD superintendent. “The opportunity to share innovative teaching ideas from our classrooms and special projects reinforces the importance of our work and commitment to public education.”

Shaping the Future

Through the student-led initiative this year, students at Dickinson High School gained valuable insights into the dangers of reckless driving, the importance of seat belt usage, and the consequences of distracted driving. The collaboration with Teens in the Driver’s Seat and commitment to safety paved the way for long-term benefits to the community.

“By engaging the school community in meaningful conversations, we are shaping a future generation of drivers who prioritize safety and demonstrate a determination to reduce accidents and save lives,” Oatis said.

Photo: The Dickinson High School student council partnered with Teens in the Driver’s Seat to promote safe driving practices.

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Beth Griesmer
Senior Communications Specialist

Beth Griesmer is a senior communications specialist for TASB.