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New Online Learning Center Courses Guide Conversation and Collaboration

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When trustees meet in the board room, collaboration isn’t guaranteed. It takes time and effort to build a cooperative, effective, and impactful board. Which is why trustees should understand the roles that mindset and conflict resolution play in creating a successful board. 

Because board work requires ongoing dialogue and communication, two new TASB Online Learning Center courses are available for trustees who want to learn the importance of mindset and best practices for approaching challenging conversations. The classes, Developing a Growth Mindset and Resolving Conflict with Teammates, offer tools and tips trustees can use in their board work and daily lives. 

“These classes are designed to support trustees so they can have open and productive communication with one another as they strive to meet aggressive goals within their districts,” said Robert Long, III, division director for Board Development Services.  

Trustees must balance a lot of district priorities, which is where a growth mindset and communication skills come into play, he said. To make progress in the board room in support of students, trustees must be able to have civil and respectful discourse.  

Developing a Growth Mindset

In the course, Developing a Growth Mindset, trustees learn how a shift in mindset can change outcomes, leading to greater success inside and outside the boardroom. Rather than confronting a problem with a fixed mindset, which might be considered negative, a trustee with a growth mindset will consider new options when approaching situations.  

“Research on school board effectiveness has found that boards that collectively adopt growth mindsets lead districts with higher student outcomes,” said Susan Elliott, TASB director of curriculum and instructional design. “Growth mindsets hinge on the power of ‘yet’ and continuous improvement. One might say, ‘We haven’t reached our potential as a district, yet.’ This wording communicates hope, possibility, and a commitment to improvement. Developing a growth mindset allows school boards to realize their potential, increase resilience, and achieve success.” 

Resolving Conflict with Teammates

Going hand in hand with a growth mindset is the ability to navigate the challenging conversations that sometimes happen in the boardroom. That’s where the Resolving Conflict with Teammates course can help trustees find ways to meet the demands of their service, while also building productive relationships based on mutual respect and open communication. 

“These two ‘synergy and teamwork’ courses help trustees build skills that are essential for effective leadership,” Elliott said. “They will equip trustees with the skills to navigate boardroom disagreements constructively, turning challenges into positive outcomes for their districts. They will also help trustees develop resilience and foster an environment of continuous improvement and success. Together, these courses will enhance a trustee's ability to lead, collaborate, and achieve long-term results for their school community.” 

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Each course is .5 hours of Topic 3 credit and $20. The courses are available on demand and can be found in the TASB OLC,

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