Statement from the Texas Association of School Boards on Education Savings Accounts, Vouchers

January 30, 2017

The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) believes education savings accounts and similar voucher schemes that divert public monies to private institutions with no accountability to taxpayers is the wrong choice for Texas.

In a policy environment with increasing school accountability, it is preposterous that the State of Texas would place thousands of public tax dollars on a debit card with little to no accountability.

Local property taxes are paid by home and business owners for the creation of a constitutionally mandated system of free public schools in Texas. Siphoning those tax dollars away from local public school students and decreasing the transparency and accountability of those tax dollars is not consistent with the fiscally responsible nature of Texans.

Vouchers—regardless of what names they may be given—are a betrayal of trust. Texans believe that their tax dollars are going to support public school students. The state should never redirect those tax dollars to private schools or other unaccountable institutions.

Vouchers are a disingenuous way to take money from the 5.3 million students who attend public schools. Tax dollars collected for public education should be used to fund public education. It’s a sacred trust.

Voucher plans will ultimately create a new entitlement program that will cost Texans dearly.

Contact: Theresa Gage, 512.467.3564