Fraud Alert

We want to alert you to an active purchasing-related scam using emails that purport to originate from the Texas Association of School Boards, Inc. (TASB).  These emails are fraudulent and are not from TASB.

This is a highly targeted attack in which the fraudsters are impersonating TASB’s Chief Financial Officer, Steven McArthur, using a fake email address ( that closely resembles TASB’s official address.

At this time, please exercise caution with strange requests that seem to come from TASB or TASB officials and take time to carefully observe the address of the sender. All legitimate email correspondence will come from an email address with the following naming convention:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the validity of an email that purports to come from TASB or a TASB official, please reach out to the individual directly using an alternative method of communication, and please do not respond directly to the sender of the email.

To prevent these emails from reaching additional staff, we suggest that members work with their IT departments to block inbound correspondence from the fraudulent domain “”

For additional questions or concerns pertaining to cybersecurity, or to report encounters with this issue, please contact Chris Knauf ( or Laurie Terry ( at TASB.