To compare student achievement across different demographic groups and geographic areas, the State of Texas mandates certain standardized tests, including the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) annual assessments and end-of-course examinations. The following are resources related to state-mandated assessments and exemptions or accommodations for special learners.

Related Policies

Your local school board policy manual contains TASB's (LEGAL) reference policies and board-adopted (LOCAL) policies.  Your district may also have relevant administrative regulations.  For more information on testing, see district policy and regulations at the following codes:

EK Testing Programs
EKB State Assessment
EKBA English Language Learners/LEP Students
EKC Reading Assessment
EKD Mathematics Assessment

TASB Resources

  • TASB Legal Services' Opting Out of Standardized Tests (pdf) explains the standardized tests required for Texas public school students and the issues related to students opting out.
  • TASB Legal Services' article Texas Promotion, Graduation, and Credit Requirements (pdf) answers frequently asked questions on grade advancement topics, including curriculum and testing requirements, the "90 percent rule," and special populations.
  • TASB Legal Services' article Update on ESSA describes some of the most important changes the Every Student Succeeds Act makes to federal education accountability and how this might affect school districts in Texas.
  • TASB Legal Services’ Every Student Succeeds Act Bill Summary For School Officials describes key ESSA provisions that significantly impact school districts in Texas, including statewide and district level accountability systems, improvement plans, and changes to federal assessment requirements.

Other Resources

  • The Texas Education Agency (TEA) STAAR Resources website provides links to helpful resources for districts such as testing calendars, frequently asked questions about STAAR, released test questions, and comparisons of STAAR to the previous state assessment instrument, the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS).
  • The TEA Student Assessment Division website provides a variety of information and documents addressing the state student assessment requirements, including resources for specific tests.
  • The TEA Guidelines and Procedures for Requesting Changes to the State Testing Schedule sets out the procedures for districts to follow when requesting a location or date change to the scheduled state assessments.
  • The TEA Accommodations Resources website provides information on testing accommodations for students with special needs or disabilities or who are English language learners, including related forms and participation requirements.
  • The TEA STAAR 2 Alternate Resources website provides several resources related to the assessment developed to meet federal requirements to assess students who have significant cognitive disabilities and are receiving special education services.