Instruction is, of course, the primary purpose of the public schools.  All other functions and activities of a school district, from governance and funding to maintenance and operations, are undertaken in support of the district's educational mission.  State laws and rules mandate required curriculum, and local school boards implement state requirements at the local level.  School board policies regarding instruction are found in the TASB Policy Manual at the codes beginning with the letter "E."

Academic Achievement

Resources related to academic progress at all grade levels and resources related to high school completion, including graduation requirements, class rank, and top ten percent.

Curriculum and Instruction

Resources related to curriculum, as well as early childhood education, dual credit, and distance learning.

Individualized Learning

Resources related to homebound instruction, credit by examination, and correspondence courses.

Instructional Resources

Resources related to textbooks, instructional materials, and copyright.

Scheduling and Class Size

Resources related to the school year, school day, and class size.

Special Education

Resources related to special education and contracts for special education services.

Special Programs

Resources related to Texas' numerous special programs, including gifted and talented, Title I, bilingual/ESL, career and tech, juvenile residential facilities, adult learners, and high school equivalency, as well as resources on guidance programs and charter schools.


Resources related to state-mandated assessments and exemptions or accommodations for special learners.