The superintendent is the chief executive officer of the school district, responsible for its management and operations. The following are resources related to superintendent recruitment, contracts, and evaluation.

Related Policies

Your local school board policy manual contains TASB's (LEGAL) reference policies and board-adopted (LOCAL) policies. Your district may also have relevant administrative regulations. For more information on superintendents, see your district policy manual at the following codes:


BJA Qualifications and Duties
BJB Recruitment and Appointment
BJC Contract
BJCB Professional Development
BJCD Evaluation
BJCE Suspension/Termination During Contract
BJCF Nonrenewal
BJCG Resignation


TASB Resources

  • TASB Legal Services' memo The Role of an Interim Superintendent (pdf) answers basic questions about the process of hiring an interim or acting superintendent.
  • TASB Legal Services' Guide to Superintendent Contracts is a free online guide, available behind myTASB, that covers the legal information boards need when looking for a superintendent and provides a form contract with optional provisions.
  • TASB Leadership Team Services offers a free podcast on superintendent evaluations as part of the Now Serving podcast series in the Online Learning Center
  • TASB HR Services conducts an annual superintendent salary survey, providing comprehensive and up-to-date salary and benefits comparison data through DataCentral.

Other Resources