Board Roles and Responsibilities

The Texas Education Code charges school boards, as governing bodies, with overseeing the management of local school districts.  The following are resources related to the board's powers and duties, including working with a school attorney, goal setting, and good governance.

Related Policies

Your local school board policy manual contains TASB's (LEGAL) reference policies and board-adopted (LOCAL) policies.  Your district may also have relevant administrative regulations.  For more information on the board's powers and duties, see your district policy manual at the following codes:

AA District Legal Status
AC Geographic Boundaries
AE Educational Philosophy
BAA Board Powers and Duties
BDAE Selection of a Depository
BDAF Selection and Duties of Chief Tax Officials
BDB Board Internal Committees
BDD School District Attorney
BDF  Citizen Advisory Committees
BR School District Reports

TASB Resources

  • TASB Legal Services' Board Member Access to School District Records offers practical guidance for school boards complying with the tracking requirements in Texas Education Code section 11.1512.
  • TASB Legal Services' article Social Media Guidelines for School Board Members offers practical tips for avoiding legal and ethical problems in the use of online communications about school district matters.
  • TASB Legal Services' article Juggling More than One Role as a Board Member provides a starting point to help board members navigate through the ethical considerations of serving in more than one role while on the board.
  • TASB Legal Services' article Working with Your School Attorney provides a brief overview of who should be in contact with local counsel and what situations warrant seeking legal advice.
  • TASB Legal Services' Working with Your School Attorney, available for sale in the TASB Store, is an in-depth legal outline with information about the relationship between school officials and local counsel.
  • TASB Legal Services' New Board Member Legal Package, available for sale in the TASB Store, includes two convenient flip charts – The School Official's Quick Guide to the Open Meetings Act (OMA) and The School Official's Quick Guide to Nepotism – and legal outlines discussing various aspects of the OMA and personnel issues.
  • TASB offers online resources about Good Governance.
  • TASB Leadership Team Services offers a free podcast on board member roles and responsibilities as part of the Now Serving podcast series in the Online Learning Center

Other Resources

  • The Texas Education Agency (TEA) School Governance Unit in the Complaints, Investigations & Enforcement Division is responsible for the selection, training, and placement of monitors and conservators in a school district.
  • The TEA Depository Contracts for School Districts Website provides an overview of depository contract laws and procedures and related forms as well as answers to frequently asked questions about depository contracts.