Relations with Governmental Entities

School districts cooperate with law enforcement and other governmental agencies to promote efficiency, maintain safe schools, and provide for orderly responses to emergency situations. The following are resources related to cooperation with other governmental entities, including interlocal agreements for emergency management and other purposes.

Related Policies

Your local school board policy manual contains TASB's (LEGAL) reference policies and board-adopted (LOCAL) policies. Your district may also have relevant administrative regulations.  For more information on relations with governmental entities, see district policy and regulations at the following codes:


GR Relations with Governmental Entities
GRA State and Local Governmental Authorities
GRAA Law Enforcement Agencies
GRAC Juvenile Service Providers
GRB Interlocal Cooperation Contracts
GRC Emergency Management


TASB Resources

Other Resources

  • The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Child Protective Services (CPS) Handbook provides information about the rules CPS must follow when conducting a child abuse and neglect investigation, including investigations at school.