District Technology

Technology use permeates every aspect of school district operations, from curriculum and library resources to data management and fiscal operations.  The following are resources related to school districts' technology needs, including acceptable use policies, Internet safety, and educational technology.

TASB Resources

Other Resources

  • The U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology website provides resources for transforming education through the power of technology.
  • The U.S. Copyright Office website contains the federal copyright laws and regulations, a searchable database of registered copyrighted works, and related materials.
  • Texas Education Agency's (TEA) Internet Safety website provides resources for students, parents, and educators on internet safety topics, including cyberbullying, privacy, piracy, communication, security, and safety activities and organizations.
  • The Texas Attorney General (AG) Cyber Safety website provides information about online safety with a focus on protecting children from online predators.