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December 06, 2018 • Featured Story

Holiday Compensation Myths

The holidays are upon us, as are the calls about pay and benefits during the holiday break. Read December’s myths to make sure that your district has a handle on both.

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December 11, 2018

The 10 Most Popular HRX Stories of 2018

As we count down the final days of 2018, take a look back at what readers found the most interesting this calendar year.

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December 06, 2018

Holiday Compensation Myths

The holidays are upon us, as are the calls about pay and benefits during the holiday break. Read December’s myths to make sure that your district has a handle on both.

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December 06, 2018

Be Careful When Hiring for “Cultural Fit”

If you're not cautious, hiring for "cultural fit" can lead to unintentional bias that undermines efforts to promote diversity.

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December 04, 2018

Are Teacher Planning Periods Untouchable?

Can teachers be required to participate in meetings or professional development during their planning and prep period? Find out here.

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December 04, 2018

District Personnel, Community College Salary Survey Results Posted

We have results from the TASB District Personnel Salary Survey and TASB Community College Salary Survey available on DataCentral.

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November 30, 2018

Teacher Evaluations Transform Principals

Revamped teacher evaluation standards across the country have increased principals’ attention to instruction, but not all changes are for the better. 

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November 28, 2018

Harassment Prevention and Respectful Workplaces Training

The EEOC is offering courses that go beyond traditional harassment prevention training.

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November 27, 2018

PR1500 Equity Data Survey Due November 30

All districts receiving Title I funds must complete the PR1500 for each of their campuses, regardless of campus Title I status, by November 30, 2018.

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November 27, 2018

Teachers by Preparation Route

Check out the different ways Texas districts are staffing their classrooms and fighting shortages.

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November 27, 2018

5 Steps to Using Market Data Effectively

Market data is a valuable benchmarking tool. Here's how to use it to your district's advantage.

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November 20, 2018

Columbia-Brazoria ISD Invests in Teacher Leaders

Columbia-Brazoria ISD is launching a new approach to incentivize their best teachers to share skills and knowledge with other teachers.

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November 15, 2018

EdWeek: Having Just One Teacher of Same Race Makes Huge Impact

Black students are 13 percent more likely to go to college if they have just one teacher who looks like them by the time they reach third grade.

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November 13, 2018

Explaining the Differences Between Orientation and Onboarding

Many organizations believe orientation and onboarding are the same, but they’re two different experiences for new employees.

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November 12, 2018

FLSA Update: Proposed Rulemaking and Public Comments

A quick update on the status of potential FLSA changes.

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November 12, 2018

Register for Webinar on Protecting District Data from Cybercrime

The TASB Risk Management Fund has opened up registration for its webinar on securing staff and student data to TASB HR Services members.

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November 12, 2018

Virtual Classrooms Help Alleviate Teacher Shortages

As technology continues to open up new possibilities in education, Texas districts are changing how they manage and employ virtual classrooms.

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November 08, 2018

Superintendent Survey Highlights: Average Increases of 3%

The average pay increase in 2018‒2019 for continuing superintendents was 3.1 percent. Full results from the survey available here. 

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November 07, 2018

Additional Leave Time as an ADA Accommodation

Learn about the ADA's reasonable accommodation requirements. 

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November 01, 2018

Fall 2018–2019 Salary Survey Upda

A few quick updates for upcoming salary survey deadlines and results. 

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October 30, 2018

Top Tweets from HR Academy

Check out some of the top tweets from this year's HR Academy. 

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October 25, 2018

Chalkbeat: Losing a Teacher Midyear Detrimental to Student Growth

In both math and English, students saw drops in learning as a result of a teacher change during the school year. 

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October 25, 2018

Bachelor's Degrees Aren't the Only Pathway to Good Jobs

While bachelor's degrees account for 56 percent of good jobs, other pathways yield similar success. 

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October 23, 2018

How Rural Districts Are Creatively Recruiting Teachers

This deep dive into how districts are recruiting in rural areas includes interviews with superintendents, who reveal some of the astonishing challenges they face each recruiting cycle.

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October 19, 2018

Paying Noncontract Employees During Emergency Closures

Can a district pay noncontract employees when it is closed for an emergency? Find out in this Q&A.

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October 16, 2018

How to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is a big deal—it impacts engagement, productivity, retention, and growth. 

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October 16, 2018

2018–2019 Salary Survey Updates

A few quick updates regarding multiple salary survey deadlines and result highlights. 

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October 11, 2018

Top Tweets from Texas Education HR Day

Governor Greg Abbott proclaimed Wednesday to be Texas Education HR Day—here's how districts celebrated on social media.

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October 09, 2018

Report: Jobs in Public Schools Haven't Recovered Since Great Recession

While other industries have managed to rebound from the financial crisis, public schools are still struggling to fill key positions. 

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October 08, 2018

Educator Misconduct Guidelines Posted to TASB Legal Services’ eSource

Two new documents on the subject of educator misconduct are available on the TASB School Law eSource website.

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October 08, 2018

EdWeek: Public Opinion of Teachers Continues to Improve

A recent Education Week report found the public perception of teachers is changing for the better, and drastically. 


October 01, 2018

Defining Age Discrimination and How to Avoid It

The ADEA protects applicants and employees who are 40 years of age or older from employment discrimination and harassment based on age.

tagged: "Department of Labor", DOL, "EEOC compliance"

October 01, 2018

Recruiting and Retaining Bilingual and ESL Teachers

Here's how districts are overcoming challenges in recruiting and retaining bilingual and ESL certified teachers.

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October 01, 2018

EEO-5 Survey Due November 30

Conducted in even-numbered years, the EEO-5 survey collects data about gender and race/ethnicity by job groupings.

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September 27, 2018

Sample Principal Interview Questions Added to the HR Library

Using an interview process with questions focusing on principal competencies is important for successful hiring.

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September 25, 2018

The Purpose of Pay Strategies

Learn about the three main pay strategies and when to employ them. 

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September 24, 2018

Dallas ISD Pays to Have the Best Teachers

Talented teachers in Dallas ISD can advance their salaries higher and faster than in any other school district in Texas.

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September 18, 2018

TEA Now Accepting Applications for Grow Your Own: Teachers Grants

Districts, Education Service Centers (ESCs), open-enrollment charter schools, educator preparation programs, and higher education institutions all are invited to apply.

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September 17, 2018

Texas Payday Act and Charter Schools

While government entities are exempt from the TPA, charter schools are not. Learn more here. 

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September 11, 2018

Improving Instructional Leadership

Rising academic standards, among other factors, are increasing the need for school leaders to focus on instructional leadership. 

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September 10, 2018

7 Ways to Qualify an Uncertified Teacher

When districts are unable to recruit and hire a fully certified teacher, they must use other avenues to qualifiy an instructor. 

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September 07, 2018

Best Practices: Salary Notification Letters

Effective organizations provide employees with clear communications about their pay and benefits and often see higher employee job satisfaction than organizations that don't.

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September 04, 2018

Evaluating Teachers Using SLOs

A big change is coming to teacher evaluation systems this year with the introduction of student growth measures.

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August 31, 2018

How Compensation Systems Work and Why You Need One

A district’s pay system should support district goals for recruiting, retaining, and rewarding high quality employees.

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August 31, 2018

FAQs about Comp Time

At TASB HR Services, we get several common questions about comp time and we’ve listed and answered them in this article.

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August 29, 2018

Preventing Debt Collector Harassment

Learn how can HR staff help employees facing harassment from debt collectors while at work.

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August 28, 2018

Infographic: Student Measures Teacher Evaluation

View this Teacher Evaluation infographic for a quick update on teacher evaluation and student growth measures.

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August 28, 2018

Calculating Assault Leave Payments

Learn how to determine the amount of assault leave payments. 

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August 21, 2018

K-12 Schools Not Immune to Sexual Harassment

We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the #MeToo movement, and sexual harassment remains a key workplace problem employers are trying to solve.

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August 21, 2018

Payment for Not Electing Health Insurance

Can districts pay employees who waive health care coverage? Get the answer here. 

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August 20, 2018

Public Disclosure of Email from Principals to Teacher

Is a principal’s email to a teacher regarding a parent’s complaint public information? Find the answer to this question and more in today's Q&A.

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August 20, 2018

Annualized Pay for 10-Month Employees

Learn whether or not it's permissible to pay 10-month employees over a 12-month period. 

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August 14, 2018

Understanding Student Loan Garnishment

What does the law say about wage garnishment and student loans? We explain the basics of wage attachments here. 

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August 08, 2018

Multiple HR Library Updates Posted

Consultants are continually working on new materials for the HR Library and updating existing content. Check out our most recent changes here.

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August 07, 2018

Managing Intermittent Family and Medical Leave

We answered frequently asked questions on managing FMLA to help you navigate the rules.

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August 06, 2018

New First Responder Liaison Notice Required for Political Subdivisions

Political subdivisions, such as school districts, colleges and community colleges, cities, or counties, are now required to post a first responder liaison notice.

tagged: "Workers’ compensation"

August 03, 2018

TASB HR Services Introduces New Tool for Tracking Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Tracker, a customizable tool developed by TASB HR Services, is now available for members in the HR Library.

tagged: "Family and medical leave", FMLA

August 02, 2018

Coaches Employment Requirements

Do athletic coaches have to be certified teachers or contract employees? Find out in this Q&A.

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August 02, 2018

Top 4 ADA Myths

As with any law, some of the ADA's language can be misinterpreted. We've highlighted and explained four myths to clear up common uncertainties. 

tagged: ADA, "Americans with Disabilities Act"

August 01, 2018

Superintendent Contract Practices Info Available in DataCentral

Looking for Texas school district current practices for superintendent contracts? DataCentral has survey results from nearly 300 districts. 

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August 01, 2018

CTE Pay Data Now Available in DataCentral

The results from one of our newest surveys are now available on DataCentral.

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July 24, 2018

2018–2019 TASB/TASA Superintendent Salary Survey Launched

The annual Superintendent Salary Survey has officially launched and districts can submit data up until August 24.

tagged: "Superintendent salaries"

July 18, 2018

Payment for Work Done Outside Official Calendar

Are districts required to pay employees for working outside of the official work calendar?

tagged: "Exemption status", "Fair Labor Standards Act", FLSA, "Payday law"

July 17, 2018

Texas Educator Testing Changes

Multiple changes to the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program, including new vendors and limits to exam attempts, will go into effect at the end of August.

tagged: Certification, TEA, "Teacher certification", "Texas Education Agency"

July 16, 2018

TEA Announces Teacher Shortage Areas for 2018–2019

The TEA announced the shortage areas for 2018–2019, once again revealing a need for bilingual and special education teachers.

tagged: TEA, "Teacher shortage", "Texas Education Agency"

July 13, 2018

Top Tweets from TASPA Summer Conference 2018

Another year, another great TASPA conference! Check out some of the highlights from the event.

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July 11, 2018

The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media

Check out this infographic of what to do and what to avoid on social media for administrators and leaders in education.

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July 09, 2018

Using Third-Party Vendors for Background Checks

Can districts use a third-party vendor to check the criminal history of student teachers and volunteers? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: "Criminal history"

July 06, 2018

Resist Teacher Isolation with these 5 Tips

Teachers are not immune to feeling isolated in the workplace, which decreases morale and productivity. Here’s how to overcome those challenges.

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July 05, 2018

Superintendent Tenure in US, Texas by District Demographics

A new study found tenure of superintendents who have left their position in the nation’s largest schools is about six years, on average.

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July 02, 2018

Interim and Acting Superintendent Certification

Must an interim or acting superintendent be certified? Find out in this brief Q&A.

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June 26, 2018

Strategies for Hiring and Retaining K-12 Technology Staff

School districts can’t offer all the money and perks Google and Apple can, but what can districts do to recruit and retain talented technology staff?

tagged: Recruiting, Retention

June 25, 2018

New Web Accessibility Guidelines Focus on Handheld Devices

The W3C added 17 new success criteria to its accessibility guidelines that primarily address issues related to handheld devices.

tagged: ADA, "Americans with Disabilities Act"

June 14, 2018

The Basics of Assault Leave

Assault leave is a common topic of discussion in the HR world, and we’ve outlined some of the basics with the Q&A in this post.

tagged: Leave, "Workers’ compensation"

June 11, 2018

How HR Can Help Substitutes Prepare for Emergencies

There’s a large population of adults on campuses on any given day who typically aren’t included in emergency training and drills—substitute teachers.

tagged: HR, "Teacher training"

June 11, 2018

HR’s Role in Employee Mental Health

Recent celebrity suicides have brought national attention to mental health issues. How can HR support employees who struggle with mental illness?

tagged: Benefits, HR

June 08, 2018

Current FMLA Forms Set to Expire at End of Month

The current FMLA forms, which are used to certify whether employees are eligible to take leave and to notify them of their leave rights, will expire June 30.

tagged: "Family and medical leave", FMLA

June 07, 2018

Participation in the BLS Current Employee Statistics Survey

Are districts required to participate in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Employee Statistics survey? Find out in this brief Q&A!

tagged: "Department of Labor", DOL

May 31, 2018

Proceed with Caution When Searching Applicants’ Social Media

Recent headlines involving inappropriate and highly offensive use of social media provides employers with the opportunity to examine hiring practices.

tagged: "Social media practices"

May 30, 2018

Revised Local Schedule SD Released

The Sample Records Retention Schedule for personnel records in the HR Library has been updated. Learn more in this article. 

tagged: "Records retention"

May 24, 2018

Expect Spike in Form I-9 Audits This Summer

Immigration and Customs Enforcement significantly ramped up its worksite investigations during the past federal fiscal year and the agency recently announced it's planning to double down on Form I-9 audits this summer.

tagged: Hiring

May 22, 2018

TxCEE Offering Training on Student Learning Objectives

There's a new two-day professional learning opportunity to help district administrators better understand Student Learning Objectives and how to implement them.

tagged: "HR training", T-TESS

May 22, 2018

Hiring Retired Teachers as Tutors

A district wants to hire a retired teacher to tutor students three days a week for a couple of hours. What pay and benefits requirements apply to this situation?

tagged: Recruiting, "Retire rehire", "Teacher retirement", "Teacher Retirement System"

May 18, 2018

Trending Topics: Independent Contractors

When can a district issue a 1099, and when must a district consider someone an employee and issue a W-2? The answer is complicated, but we provide a detailed explanation in this article. 

tagged: "Independent contractor"

May 15, 2018

Infographic: How to Contact the TEA Certification Division

Use this handy guide to get the information you need when contacting the TEA.

tagged: Certification, TEA

May 14, 2018

Terminating Employees Who Are Out of Leave

Can we terminate an employee who has exhausted all leave? The answer isn't as simple as you might think.

tagged: Leave, Termination

May 09, 2018

Over-documentation and Form I-9

What should districts do if an employee presents multiple documents to establish identity and work authorization on the Form I-9? Find out in this brief Q&A.

tagged: Hiring

May 08, 2018

Best Practices for Verifying Social Security Data

Navigating the process of verifying Social Security numbers through the SSA can sometimes be confusing, but we have some tips that may ease some common concerns. 

tagged: Hiring

May 07, 2018

Myths: Teacher Service Records

There are a lot of rules concerning teacher service records, but there also are a few myths. We’ve separated fact from fiction in this article.

tagged: "Personnel records", "Records retention"

May 02, 2018

District Pay Increases Expected to Stay Flat for 2018‒2019

Texas schools districts in some regions will struggle to give pay increases for the 2018‒2019 school year, according to the latest prospective pay raise poll conducted by TASB HR Services.

tagged: "Pay increases"

May 02, 2018

Model Employee Handbook Posted

The 2018–2019 update to the Model Employee Handbook (MEH) is now available through myTASB.

tagged: "Employee handbook", HR

April 30, 2018

T-TESS and Student Growth Measures

Student growth measures will be a required component of the T-TESS in the upcoming school year. Here's what you need to know.

tagged: T-TESS

April 30, 2018

Records Retention for Former Employees

What documents must be kept in a former employee’s personnel file and where should they be kept? Find out in this quick Q&A.

tagged: "Personnel records", "Records retention"

April 27, 2018

Education Jobs Among Fastest-Growing Careers in Texas

A report by Texas Career Check found jobs in the education industry will be plentiful over the next several years.

tagged: "Teacher recruiting", "Teacher shortage"

April 23, 2018

TRS Board Approves TRS-ActiveCare Increases for 2019

The TRS Benefits Committee approved an overall average increase of 5.7 percent, down from 7.1 percent last year.

tagged: "Health insurance", TRS, "TRS ActiveCare"

April 17, 2018

Recruiting Trends You May Have Overlooked

In an article published earlier today, SHRM explored some new trends in the recruiting field that’ll help hiring managers reexamine and reevaluate their own methods.

tagged: Recruiting, "Teacher recruiting"

April 16, 2018

Understanding the FBI Civil Rap Back Program

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Civil Rap Back program that provides notification of employee’s criminal activity occurring outside the state of Texas is now available.

tagged: "Criminal history"

April 13, 2018

How National Teacher Walkouts Impact Texas

The nationwide teacher walkouts and protests are producing results, but where does Texas sit with teacher pay and public school funding, and can teachers in the Lone Star State do anything about it?

tagged: Compensation, "Pay increases", TRS

April 12, 2018

DOL Releases Fact Sheet on Higher Education and Overtime Pay

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) released today a fact sheet addressing the applicability of white collar exemptions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to common jobs in higher education.

tagged: "Department of Labor", DOL, Overtime

April 12, 2018

Increase Engagement to Reduce Teacher Complaints

Districts can’t avoid state and federal accountability requirements that impact teachers, but they can address teacher areas of concern like working conditions, administrator support, and pay. 

tagged: Retention, "Social media practices"

April 10, 2018

Many Hurricane Harvey-Displaced Students Not Returning to Home Districts

It's been six months since Hurricane Harvey devastated southeast Texas, and while all public schools in disaster counties have reopened, many students never returned to their home district.


April 04, 2018

DOL Launches Video Series on FLSA Compliance

The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently released five videos on Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance designed to help employers more easily understand their legal responsibilities.

tagged: "Department of Labor", DOL, "Fair Labor Standards Act", FLSA, Overtime

March 29, 2018

Changing Teacher Work Hours

Can school administrators change teacher work hours during the school year? Find out in this brief Q&A.

tagged: "Districts of innovation", DOI, "Teacher contracts"

March 29, 2018

Third-Party Payer OK for Game Officials but Not for Game Workers

Many districts are now using private companies to manage payment to game officials, but can they also use third-party organizations to pay other game help?

tagged: Compensation, "Department of Labor", DOL

March 27, 2018

Report Shows Correlation Between Financial Incentives and Diverse Teacher Workforce

A new analysis from the Brown Center on Education Policy at the Brookings Institution looked into the effects of financial incentives on attracting minority teachers, check out the details here.

tagged: Staffing

March 27, 2018

District Participation in Current Employee Statistics Survey

Are districts required to participate in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Employee Statistics survey? Find out in this brief Q&A.

tagged: Employment, Surveys

March 20, 2018

Infographic: A Brief History of the HR Exchange

The HR Exchange has been around for more than two decades and even started out under a different name. Learn more about the history of our publication here.

tagged: HR

March 20, 2018

Dice 2018 Tech Salary Report Released

Even though technology salaries rose slightly, satisfaction with pay has dropped nationwide. Check out more salary trends for technology professionals from the Dice 2018 Tech Salary Report. 

tagged: Compensation, Salaries

March 20, 2018

Dual Credit Teacher Pay Survey Results

Preliminary results from our new Dual Credit Teacher Pay survey reveal less than half of Texas school districts provide the funding for dual credit teacher pay.

tagged: Salaries, "Teacher stipends"

March 15, 2018

How to Limit Productivity Issues of March Madness

With roughly 65 percent of the American workforce planning to watch March Madness while at work, administrators must learn with ways to reduce the negative impact on productivity or suffer significant financial consequences.

tagged: HR

March 12, 2018

Introducing the HRX: Functionality, Navigation, and Timeliness

Learn how to get the most out of our brand new blog format with this quick tutorial. 

tagged: HR

March 09, 2018

The Dos and Don’ts of FML

We've put together a list of dos and don’ts that should help HR staff with some relevant Family and Medical Leave guidance.

tagged: "Family and medical leave", FMLA, Leave

March 08, 2018

Extra-Duty Stipend Survey Results for 2017–2018

Extra-duty pay for high school football coaches as well as stipend payment methods revealed in latest stipend survey results.

tagged: Compensation, "Teacher stipends"

March 07, 2018

High-Quality Prekindergarten Program Teacher Training and Qualifications

During the past few years, Texas has increased its focus on improving prekindergarten programs as a means to improve early reading, math, and social development. 

tagged: "Teacher training"

March 07, 2018

Survey Reveals 73 Percent of Superintendents Say Schools Inadequately Funded

A recent report from The School Superintendents Association (AASA) found nearly three-quarters of superintendents say their school districts are inadequately funded.

tagged: HR

February 22, 2018

4 Keys to a Smooth Transition into K-12 HR

Transitioning to K-12 HR from a different field can be a challenge. The following tips will help new administrators settle into their roles.   

tagged: HR, "HR training"

February 21, 2018

Continuing Health Insurance Coverage for Employees on Unpaid Leave

How long can an employee on unpaid leave continue to receive health coverage through the district? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: Leave, "TRS ActiveCare"

February 21, 2018

HR Manager Named a Top-5 Job for 2018

A study conducted by Glassdoor ranked human resources manager as the fifth best job in the country in 2018, up from No. 6 last year.

tagged: HR

February 20, 2018

Texas Cities Ranked Among Best Places to Find a Job

A recent report from WalletHub, a personal finance website, found that Texas is the place to look for those seeking employment.

tagged: Employment, Recruiting

February 20, 2018

Recruiting and Preparing Teachers and Principals

What are some of the TEA grants aiding districts in their recruitment of teachers and principals?

tagged: Recruiting

February 20, 2018

Student Loan Solutions Support Recruitment and Retention

With so many teachers burdened by student loan debt, it’s important for district HR staff to make sure its employees are aware of loan forgiveness programs.


February 15, 2018

Myths: Duty Days and Salary in Employment Contracts

Should duty days and salary be written into the employment contract for each employee? Find the answer to this and other questions in this article. 


February 14, 2018

Discrimination Charges in Texas Hit 9-Year Low

The number of discrimination charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in Texas is lower than it’s been since 2009, according to an EEOC news release.

tagged: Diversity, "EEOC compliance"

February 14, 2018

Salaries in the United States Up From Last Year

A news release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) detailed the wages of the nation's 113.3 million full-time and salaried workers in 2017.

tagged: "Department of Labor", "Pay increases"

February 07, 2018

Identifying Probationary Contract Year Limits

As districts begin renewal processes, the question of how long someone can be employed by probationary contract arises.

tagged: Staffing

February 01, 2018

Teacher Salaries, Pay Raises Stagnant for 2017–2018

The median Texas teacher average salary rose to $47,898, a slight increase of 1 percent over last year’s median of $47,283, according to the 2017‒2018 TASB Salary Survey. 

tagged: Compensation, "Salary surveys"

January 16, 2018

Standard Mileage Rate Increase Now in Effect

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a one-cent increase in standard mileage rates for the 2018 calendar year, which became effective January 1.

tagged: HR

January 10, 2018

IRS Issues New Paycheck Withholding Tables

After the enactment of the 2017 tax act, the IRS has issued revised tax withholding tables for employees’ paychecks as well as withholding guidance this month to reflect the legislative changes.

tagged: "Payday law"

January 03, 2018

No Changes to TASB Model Contracts

There will not be any changes to the TASB Model Contracts in 2018. The 2017 TASB Model Contracts and related documents are available in the HR Library.

tagged: "Educator contracts", "Teacher contracts"

January 01, 2018

Texas Districts Increasing Contribution Amounts Amid Rising Premiums

The results of the TASB HR Services Health Insurance Premiums Survey are here. View the data and some of the takeaways in this article.

tagged: "Health insurance"

January 01, 2018

Renewing Standard Certificates

Does TEA audit continuing professional education CPE credit for renewable standard certificates? Find out in this month's Q&A!

tagged: "Records retention", "Teacher certification"

December 11, 2017

Publishing EEO Notices

Where are districts required to publish or post equal employment opportunity (EEO) notices? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: "EEOC compliance", "Employee notices", Employment, "Employment law"

December 07, 2017

The Ins and Outs of Workers' Compensation

It's important to understand the intricacies of workers' compensation—after all, providing those benefits for employees is required by state law.

tagged: "Americans with Disabilities Act", "Family and medical leave", FMLA, "Workers’ compensation"

December 06, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions: District-Provided Clothing

Each year, school districts across the state give employees shirts emblazoned with the district logo to wear throughout the year. Are these items taxable income to the employee, even if it’s just a t-shirt? 

tagged: Benefits

December 06, 2017

Temporary Protected Status Designation for Nicaragua, Haiti Terminated

In November, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced its decision to terminate the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for Nicaragua and Haiti.

tagged: Employment, "Employment law"

December 06, 2017

TASB Legal Services Updates Employee Free Speech Rights Article

TASB Legal Services recently updated the School Law eSource article, Employee Free Speech Rights.

tagged: "Employee notices"

November 30, 2017

Top Tweets from HR Academy

HR Academy 2017 was a success, and we appreciate everyone who attended the training.

tagged: HR, "HR training"

November 22, 2017

Don’t Call in Employees During FMLA Time Off

A common mistake human resources administrators and managers make is asking employees on Family and Medical Leave (FML) leave to report to work.

tagged: FMLA

November 17, 2017

3 Steps to Standardize Duty Schedules

Maintaining a multitude of work calendars can be a time-consuming process for human resources and payroll and result in employees being confused about their work start and stop dates.

tagged: Compensation, Staffing

November 15, 2017

Temporary Disability Leave and Eligibility

What is Temporary Disability Leave (TDL) and who is eligible for this leave type? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: Leave, "Temporary disability leave"

November 15, 2017

Accessibility and Translation Crucial to District-Employee Communication

It’s important for HR staff to ask questions internally about what their district is doing to accommodate its employees.

tagged: ADA, "Americans with Disabilities Act"

November 09, 2017

Superintendent Pay Increases Steady in 2017–2018

According to preliminary results of the annual TASB/TASA Superintendent Salary Survey, the average pay increase in 2017‒2018 for continuing superintendents was 2.9 percent. Read this story for details from the survey.

tagged: Compensation

November 01, 2017

Superintendent Pay Increases Steady in 2017–2018

According to preliminary results of the annual TASB/TASA Superintendent Salary Survey, the average pay increase in 2017‒2018 for continuing superintendents was 2.9 percent. Read this story for details from the survey.

tagged: "Salary surveys", "Superintendent salaries"

November 01, 2017

Getting the Most out of Stipends

Which employees are eligible for stipends? How much money should be dedicated to an extracurricular stipend? Find the answers to these questions and more in this article. 

tagged: Certification, Compensation, "Teacher stipends"

November 01, 2017

Patrick Releases More Interim Charges

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick posted another batch of interim charges to Senate committees to look into ahead of the next legislative session.

tagged: Compensation

November 01, 2017

STEM Jobs Among the Fastest Growing in America

Employment projection data released by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights the fastest-growing jobs in the United States.

tagged: DOL

October 30, 2017

Top Tweets from Texas Education Human Resources Day

Check out some of the best tweets from the HR holiday.

tagged: HR, "Social media practices"

October 25, 2017

Nationwide Survey Reveals Projected Salary Budget Growth in 2018

Base salaries for U.S. employees are expected to rise 3.1 percent in 2018, slightly above actual 2017 levels, according to an annual WorldatWork survey.

tagged: Compensation

October 18, 2017

4 Key Factors Impacting Teacher Retention

For HR administrators in Texas, it’s important to understand what’s behind the high turnover rates so you can better prevent teachers from leaving your district, or leaving the profession entirely. 

tagged: Compensation, Retention, "Teacher training"

October 18, 2017

Hiring a Retiree to Substitute in a Vacant Position

Can we hire a TRS retiree as a substitute to fill a vacant position? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: "Teacher Retirement System", TRS, "TRS ActiveCare", "TRS Care", "TRS surcharge"

October 15, 2017

Reducing Calendar Days for Staff—What Do Districts Have To Do?

House Bill (HB) 2610 changed the Texas Education Code by altering instructional requirements from days of instruction to minutes, providing districts greater scheduling flexibility. 

tagged: "Educator contracts", HR

October 09, 2017

By the Numbers: Public Opinion of School Trends

A report from Education Next revealed some enlightening statistics about public opinion of various education topics.

tagged: HR, Salaries

October 04, 2017

Introducing TEA’s Texas Equity Toolkit

The Texas Equity Plan Toolkit supports districts in the process of developing a district equity plan.

tagged: TEA

October 04, 2017

A Look at the Teacher Supply in Texas

Despite persistent shortage areas, Texas’ production of newly certified teachers has held steady during the past two years. 

tagged: Staffing, "Teacher recruiting", "Teacher shortage"

October 04, 2017

Nepotism and Its Impact on District Hiring

The practice of nepotism has always been an issue in school districts across the country, and it’s important for human resources administrators to understand the details of what is and what isn’t acceptable by law. 

tagged: Employment, "Employment law", Hiring

October 04, 2017

Teacher Demographics and Diversity Challenges

Texas prides itself on being different from other states—after all, we’re the only state that was once a nation—but how different are our teachers and students from the rest of the United States?

tagged: Employment, Hiring, Recruiting, Staffing

September 26, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve received a large number of questions related to Hurricane Harvey, so our staff collected the most common ones and provided answers and guidance in this FAQ feature.

tagged: Compensation, "Family and medical leave", FMLA, "Teacher contracts"

September 20, 2017

ESSA and Highly Qualified Standards

Does the Every Student Succeeds Act require newly hired paraprofessionals to be highly qualified? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: "Professional development"

September 20, 2017

Impact of DACA Repeal on District Staffing

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) workers currently holding valid work permits may not be eligible for continued employment when the permit expires. 

tagged: Hiring, Staffing

September 20, 2017

The State of Staffing in School Districts

Learn about the causes of teacher shortages today and some of the staffing challenges districts are facing. 

tagged: Recruiting, Staffing

September 06, 2017

Senate Bill 7 Pre-Employment Affidavit

As Senate Bill 7 goes into effect, districts are deciding how to respond. Learn more in this Q&A!

tagged: Employment, "Employment law"

September 06, 2017

School Districts and Military Deployments

How does school district leave support military deployments? Districts with deployed employees should be prepared to provide leave benefits and reinstatement rights appropriately.

tagged: Leave, Rehire

September 06, 2017

District Closures Could Lead to Unemployment Claims

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey has caused destruction and devastation along the Texas coast and into parts of southeast and central Texas resulting in over 160 district closures.

tagged: HR, Unemployment

September 05, 2017

Special Session Recap

The special session adjourned Tuesday, August 15, without the House and Senate coming to agreement on many of the governor’s 20 priorities.

tagged: HR

August 23, 2017

T-TESS—A Year in Review

How did the first year of statewide implementation of T-TESS go? TASB HR Services talked with Texas Education Agency's Linda Johnson to discuss the progress of the new teacher evaluation system. 

tagged: "Teacher training", T-TESS

August 23, 2017

Recruiting and Retaining Top Tech Talent

It's tough to staff schools with quality tech employees, but there are some things a district can do to attract and retain elite tech talent. 

tagged: Recruiting, Staffing, "Teacher recruiting"

August 16, 2017

Family Roles, Lack of Mentorship Among Reasons Behind Female Superintendent Imbalance

In the summer edition of the HR Exchange, TASB HR Services published a report identifying trends among male and female superintendents. This follow-up goes into more detail on why the gap exists.

tagged: Recruiting, Staffing

August 16, 2017

Leave Use at the Start of the Year

Can an employee use state leave at the beginning of the school year? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: Benefits, Leave

August 16, 2017

New Website Helps HR Find Certified Candidates

CoachesConnect is a brand new web community for teachers, coaches, and administrators to network and find employment.

tagged: Recruiting, "Teacher recruiting"

August 16, 2017

How the New Intern Certificate Differs from a Probationary Certificate

Effective September 1, 2017, the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) will begin issuing an intern certificate, as well as the probationary certificate. We note the differences between the two in this article.

tagged: Certification

August 16, 2017

Talent Dashboard Now Available in the HR Library

Our new Talent Dashboard is a tool that can be used in absence of an existing analytics tool.
Read on to find out what dashboards are and how they can impact your workforce decisions.

tagged: HRIS, "Human Resources Information System"

August 16, 2017

Majority of New Science Educators Teach Courses Outside Expertise

A recent survey conducted by researchers from the University of Georgia found nearly two-thirds of new science educators taught at least one course outside their subject area expertise in their first five years in the classroom.

tagged: "Teacher shortage"

August 02, 2017

Dallas ISD’s Performance Pay System Shows Positive Signs

New data from Dallas County nonprofit Commit! sheds some light on the effectiveness of TEI. 

tagged: Compensation, "Pay increases"

August 02, 2017

Teachers Want More Professional Development on Digital Tools

A new report from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt surveyed teachers and administrators from all 50 states on a variety of topics, including classroom technology, professional development, and more.

tagged: "Teacher training"

July 26, 2017

Understanding New Legislation Affecting HR Administration

Check out our recap of the 85th Texas Legislature and find out what bills passed and their impact on HR in districts. 

tagged: Certification, "Districts of innovation", DOI, "Teacher Retirement System", TRS, "TRS Care"

July 19, 2017

Senate Bill 7 Addresses Improper Relationships and Educator Misconduct

Texas legislators responded to a rise in reports on educator misconduct by passing Senate Bill 7 (SB 7) this session.

tagged: "Criminal history", "Employee discipline"

July 18, 2017

Latest Form I-9 Released July 17, 2017

USCIS released the latest Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, on July 17.

tagged: Employment, "Employment law"

July 18, 2017

Multiple Texas Universities to Receive Portions of $50 Million for Teacher Prep

Each university will get approximately $5 million over a 10-year period, with the final figure contingent upon how many students pursue the scholarship.

tagged: "Teacher training"

July 12, 2017

Identifying and Complying with Online Accessibility Regulations

Improving website accessibility for individuals with disabilities is not only a good district practice, but a requirement under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

tagged: ADA, "Americans with Disabilities Act"

June 21, 2017

Employee Paychecks and Direct Deposit

Can a district require direct deposit of employee paychecks? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: Compensation, "Payday law"

June 20, 2017

TRS-ActiveCare Changes for 2017–2018

Take a look at the new rates for next year.

tagged: Benefits, "Teacher retirement", "Teacher Retirement System", TRS

June 07, 2017

Recognizing Trends in HRIS

How are districts using HRIS in 2017? What are districts doing to get help with their HRIS? Check out some of the latest trends here. 

tagged: HRIS, "Human Resources Information System"

June 07, 2017

5 Steps to Improve Your Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is a pivotal time in the hiring of a new employee. If done properly, it helps employers reduce turnover and employees form better relationships and understand job expectations. 

tagged: Employment, Hiring, "HR training"

June 07, 2017

Analysis: Teacher Incentive Pay Improves Student Performance

Teachers receiving merit-based pay provide the equivalent of nearly four additional weeks of student learning, according to a recent study.

tagged: Compensation, "Pay increases", Recruiting, Retention

June 07, 2017

HR Year in Review

We spoke with HR staff across the state to learn about what challenges they faced this year and what successes they enjoyed. Some of their insights also give a peek into HR in 2017–2018. 

tagged: HR, "HR training"

May 24, 2017

Commissioner Issues Clarification on T-TESS Measures

All major components of the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) remain in place following a legal agreement with various teacher organizations in the state, according to Commissioner of Education Mike Morath.

tagged: T-TESS

May 24, 2017

USCIS Begins Issuing Redesigned Green Cards

USCIS announced a redesign to the Permanent Resident Card—also known as a Green Card—as  well as the Employment Authorization Document.

tagged: Diversity

May 17, 2017

McAllen ISD Offering ESL Classes for Auxiliary Employees

McAllen ISD is one of the many districts offering English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to transportation employees and other workers through the Texas Workforce Commission's (TWC) Adult Education and Literacy Program. 

tagged: Benefits, "English as a Second Language", ESL

May 17, 2017

Unsubscribing to Inactive Employees' Fingerprint Information

Is the district required to remove access to an inactive employee’s information in the fingerprint clearinghouse? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: "Criminal history", "Employee discipline"

May 16, 2017

5 Facts About Today's Teacher Workforce

A new study of teacher demographics, backgrounds, experience, and work locations found that today’s workforce is larger, more diverse, and less experienced than ever. 

tagged: Employment, Staffing, "Teacher shortage"

May 03, 2017

Overcoming Obstacles in Recruiting Bilingual Teachers

We’ve come up with a list of things to do to help recruit and retain bilingual teachers and overcome some of the staffing challenges many districts face.

tagged: "English as a Second Language", ESL, Recruiting

May 03, 2017

10 Important Facts About Generation Z

Districts who have a grasp on what motivates Generation Z will have a better chance at recruiting and retaining them. Here’s what we know so far.

tagged: Employment, Recruiting

May 03, 2017

Districts Cautiously Approach Pay Increases for 2017‒2018

Pay raises are in a holding pattern for 2017‒18 in Texas schools, with overall expected increases unchanged from last year, according to the latest prospective pay raise poll conducted by TASB HR Services.

tagged: Compensation, "Pay increases", Salaries

April 19, 2017

Districts Receiving Title I Funding Must Address Teacher Quality Disparities

Certain districts must develop a plan for how they will identify and address disparities that result in low-income students and minority students being taught by ineffective teachers.

tagged: "Teacher training"

April 19, 2017

Texas Rural Schools Task Force Makes Recommendations on Teacher Recruitment, Retention

The Rural Schools Task Force hosted regional forums on teacher recruitment, retention, use of technology, resource allocation, as well as parent and community engagement.

tagged: Recruiting, Retention, "Teacher recruiting"

April 12, 2017

Withdrawal of Teacher Resignations

Can a teacher withdraw his or her resignation once it has been submitted? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: "Teacher resignations", Termination

April 06, 2017

UTeach Program Producing Quality STEM Teachers

Established 20 years ago by the University of Texas at Austin, UTeach is a program dedicated to producing more effective math and science teachers in high quantities.

tagged: "Teacher training"

April 05, 2017

Texas Hires More Athletic Trainers than National Average

Only 37 percent of public schools across the country provide full-time athletic training services, but in Texas, that percentage is much higher.

tagged: Hiring

April 05, 2017

The Latest Trends in Teacher Starting Pay

Data from the TASB District Personnel Salary Survey shows that, since 2007, fewer districts are utilizing the state minimum teacher salary, instead paying above the minimum required. 

tagged: Compensation, Staffing

April 05, 2017

The Top-10 Most Common Questions on Educator Contracts

Consultants in HR Services and attorneys in Legal Services regularly field calls from district staff about educator contracts, and there are general topics and themes that emerge as common among districts.

tagged: "Educator contracts", "Teacher contracts"

March 23, 2017

Senate Passes Educator Misconduct Bill

The Texas Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 7 (Bettencourt) on Wednesday, March 8, which addresses improper relationships between educators and students. 

tagged: "Criminal history"

March 22, 2017

Facebook Now Allows Employers to Post Jobs from Company Page

There's now another place you can post job vacancies online—your district’s Facebook page.

tagged: Hiring, Recruiting, "Social media practices", "Teacher recruiting"

March 15, 2017

FMLA Rules for Instructional Employees

Are instructional employees eligible for intermittent family medical leave? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: "Family and medical leave", FMLA, Leave

March 15, 2017

Bus Driver Shortages: Where Are We Now?

Since the 2014 oil bust, have bus driver vacancies been filled? As oil prices rebound, what changes might we expect in bus driver pay? 

tagged: Compensation, Salaries, Staffing

March 15, 2017

Identifying and Avoiding the W-2 Phishing Scam

A fraudulent phishing scam has circulated throughout districts in Texas and across the country in recent months, exposing private W-2 information of employees in several school districts.

tagged: HR

March 01, 2017

The New American Dream and Your Workforce

Learn how the new American Dream crafted by millennials may affect public education employers in this article. 

tagged: Benefits, Compensation, Employment

March 01, 2017

2016–2017 Extra-Duty Stipend Survey Results Released

Extra-duty pay for high school football coaches and other extracurricular duties revealed in latest stipend survey results.

tagged: Compensation, "Teacher stipends"

March 01, 2017

Attracting and Retaining Teachers Through Creative, Free Perks

In the midst of a legislative session in which school funding is sure to be further reduced, districts are tasked with creating new ways to offer more benefits with fewer resources.

tagged: Benefits, Compensation, Recruiting

February 17, 2017

8 Tips for Getting Started on Twitter

Considering the opportunities to market district culture, the ability to network, recruit, and keep up with the latest news, Twitter provides numerous benefits for someone in an HR role. 

tagged: "Social media practices"

February 16, 2017

BEST: An Acronym with a Twist

Bryan ISD's targeted compensation plan focuses on increasing academic success and attracting and retaining high-performing classroom teachers.

tagged: Compensation, "Pay increases", Salaries, "Teacher stipends"

February 15, 2017

Substitute Employees and Unemployment Claims

In this month's Q&A, we have three questions and answers focusing on substitute employees and their eligibility to claim unemployment benefits. 

tagged: Benefits, Unemployment

February 01, 2017

Surveys on Contract Practices Reveal Common Trends

HR Services surveys cover Texas public school district practices for superintendent contracts, teacher contracts, and administrator and professional support contracts. Read our results here.

tagged: "Teacher contracts"

February 01, 2017

How HR Can Help Homeless Students Succeed

HR Services surveys cover Texas public school district practices for superintendent contracts, teacher contracts, and administrator and professional support contracts. Read our results here.

tagged: Hiring, HR, Staffing

February 01, 2017

Districts of Innovation and HR

Becoming a District of Innovation can have a big impact on the way HR operates. We have a few tips in this article on how to facilitate a seamless transition. 

tagged: Certification, "Districts of innovation", DOI, HR

January 18, 2017

Survey Finds 40 Percent of Global Employers Report Talent Shortages

A new study by ManpowerGroup discovered nearly half of all global employers are lacking in the talent department.

tagged: "Professional development", Recruiting

January 18, 2017

HEB CEO Pledges $100 Million for Public School Administrator Training Academy

Out of his own private resources, HEB chairman and CEO Charles Butt is making a $100 million donation to help create The Holdsworth Center in Austin, a training academy for public school administrators.

tagged: "Teacher training"

January 18, 2017

Model Contract Changes for 2017

The most significant changes to the TASB Model Contracts in 2017 are those relating to the federal changes to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESSA) removing the requirement for teachers to be highly qualified.

tagged: Certification, "Educator contracts"

January 18, 2017

Building Teacher Career Pathways in Texas Schools, Part 2

The second half of this two-part story explores different practices from various districts on how they map out their teacher career pathways. 

tagged: Recruiting, "Teacher recruiting"

January 04, 2017

Building Teacher Career Pathways in Texas Schools, Part 1

Career pathways provide opportunities for professionals with advanced skills and abilities to do more—and earn more—by taking on more complex work assignments. 

tagged: Recruiting, "Teacher recruiting"

January 04, 2017

How to Overcome Recruiting Challenges in Rural Districts

Recruiting quality teachers is a challenge every district faces on an ongoing basis, but the difficulty in doing so is amplified for districts in rural areas of the state.

tagged: Recruiting, "Teacher recruiting"

January 04, 2017

Teacher Salaries Rising, but Pay Increases Flat for 2016‒2017

The median Texas teacher salary rose to $47,283, an increase of 2 percent over last year’s median of $46,450, according to the 2016‒2017 TASB Salary Survey. Median teacher salaries have been steadily rising since 2012.

tagged: Compensation, Salaries, "Salary surveys"

January 04, 2017

New I-9 Forms Released, Districts Must Comply by January 22

On November 14, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published a revised version of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.

tagged: Employment, "Employment law"

January 03, 2017

Most Health Insurance Premiums Rising in Texas Districts, Cost Passed on to Employees

Most responding Texas school districts (82 percent) saw their health insurance costs rise in 2016‒2017, according to the latest health insurance premiums survey conducted by TASB HR Services. 

tagged: Benefits, Compensation, "Health insurance"

November 29, 2016

The Importance of School Climate and How to Improve It

School climate impacts multiple variables in a school’s success, from retaining teachers to overall achievement. Here's how to improve yours. 

tagged: "Employee performance", Employment

November 23, 2016

Using HRIS Effectively

Knowing your HR Information System’s capabilities and maximizing them for your district’s benefit will inspire greatness in your department.

tagged: HRIS, "Human Resources Information System"

November 21, 2016

Holidays and FMLA

Do holidays count toward an employee’s FML entitlement? Find out in this month's Q&A!

tagged: "Family and medical leave", FMLA, Leave

November 10, 2016

Top 10 Things HR Should Share with Their Board of Trustees

HR is responsible for a wide range of topics their board members should know about—far more than just employee discipline. 

tagged: HR

October 27, 2016

Ensuring ADA Compliance for Workplace Requests

Handling a request from an employee for a workplace accommodation is an important issue that must be handled correctly by all district staff. Following are some guidelines and reminders to help ensure legal and effective management of ADA accommodations.

tagged: ADA, "Americans with Disabilities Act"

October 26, 2016

Collecting Employee Information for Emergency Purposes

What type of employee information can a district collect to use in the event of an emergency? Find out in this month's Q&A!

tagged: "Employee notices"

October 25, 2016

New Initiatives in Teacher Prep Programs

The value in spending time and resources in training teachers is higher than ever, thanks to a variety of initiatives, programs, and legislation forming around the country. Read about some of the recent developments in teacher prep here. 

tagged: "Teacher training"

October 05, 2016

Driving Employee Engagement

The value of employee engagement cannot be understated. Here's how you can ensure your district is taking the right steps in providing an engaging work environment. 

tagged: "Employee performance", Employment

October 05, 2016

Getting the Most Out of Your HR Services Membership

At TASB HR Services, we are consistently finding new ways to assist our members in addition to the numerous services we already offer. If you’re a member, we encourage you to check out all of our resources in this story.

tagged: HR, "HR training"

October 05, 2016

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Classifying a worker as an employee or an independent contractor presents a number of challenges. Here's the right way to make that determination.

tagged: Employment, "Employment contracts", "Independent contractor"

September 21, 2016

FML for Birth

Can an employee whose significant other is expecting a baby take leave under FML?

tagged: "Family and medical leave", FMLA

September 20, 2016

Ready or Not: T-TESS is Here

Effective July 1, 2016, districts had to adopt the use of T-TESS (Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System) or a locally developed appraisal system that adheres to TEC § 21.352 and 19 TAC § 150.1007. 

tagged: T-TESS

September 07, 2016

Platforms for Safer Teacher-Student Communication

One of the elements of education that has evolved with the growth of technology is how educators are communicating with their students, particularly outside of class. Find out what group-messaging platforms districts are using and how to facilitate that communication in this story. 


September 07, 2016

Education Field Struggles to Attract Millennials

Pay structures and retirement systems in education no longer meet the needs of new graduates, and they appear to be driving high-achieving millennials into other professions. What can the education field do to attract the new generation?

tagged: Generations

September 05, 2016

Developing Effective Teacher Selection Committees

Amy Turner, principal of Copeland Elementary School (grades 2–5) in Huffman ISD uses a unique approach to develop teacher selection committees on her campus. Read about her process here. 

tagged: "Teacher training"

August 18, 2016

ESSA Parent Notification Requirements

Are districts still required to send parents notices regarding teacher qualifications? We answer and explain in great detail for this month's Q&A!

tagged: HR

August 17, 2016

How Districts are Promoting Wellness in the Workplace

Employee health is kind of a big deal. Most districts are aware of that fact. Here's what some districts are doing to ensure the well-being of their staff. 

tagged: Benefits, "Health insurance"

August 08, 2016

Be Aware of Recent EEOC Compliance Regulations for Employer Wellness Plans

As employer wellness programs have grown in numbers and sophistication, the EEOC has developed guidance on how these programs should comply with the ADA rule. Here are highlights of the requirements that your wellness program needs to follow.

tagged: "EEOC compliance"

August 04, 2016

Peering Into the Crystal Ball: Seven Predictions for HR in 2016–2017

While predicting the future sounds like the stuff of horoscopes and psychics, anticipating what’s headed our way can help us be prepared for the possible challenges. What’s in store for HR in 2016-17? Let’s take a look into our crystal ball.

tagged: FLSA, HR, T-TESS

June 16, 2016

7 Ways to Improve Online Applications

It’s tough to keep up with the latest trends in best practices for online application management. Fortunately, we’ve come up with some ways to make sure your district is current in its online recruiting presence.

tagged: Recruiting, "Teacher recruiting"

May 25, 2016

Q&A: Releasing Personnel Information

Can we release personnel information to someone acting on behalf of an employee?

tagged: "Family and medical leave", FMLA, "Personnel records"

May 23, 2016

The New Age of Career Discovery

The successful matchmaking website eHarmony.com recently unveiled the beta version of its next venture, Elevated Careers by eHarmony. Is this the way Generation Z will look for jobs?

tagged: HR

May 18, 2016

The Top Challenges Facing HR

The field of human resources has been around for more than a century, but as the workplace continues to evolve, so must the HR profession. We take a look at some of the field's biggest challenges for the future.

tagged: HR, "HR training"

April 27, 2016

Payroll and HR: Identifying Responsibilities and Working Together

Payroll and human resources are both vital units in a school district, but confusion and frustration can arise from lack of clarity in understanding which department can most effectively handle specific tasks.

tagged: HR, "HR training"

April 22, 2016

Texas Backgrounding System Satisfactory But Not Without Flaws

Texas uses a combination of backgrounding systems to screen teachers, but certain flaws leave room for improvement in preventing hires of out-of-state educators with criminal histories.

tagged: "Criminal history", TEA, "Texas Education Agency"

April 20, 2016

Processing TRS surcharges

How do we process TRS surcharge deductions if we require our retire rehires to assume the cost? Find out in this Q&A!

tagged: TRS, "TRS Care", "TRS surcharge"

April 13, 2016

Reducing the Contagious Effects of a Low-Performing Employee

The dangerous part about low-performing employees is the contagious effect they have on their coworkers. A recent study shows underachievers not only reduce workplace morale but drive out their high-performing colleagues.

tagged: "Employee performance"

April 01, 2016

What's Behind the Substitute Shortage

Substitute teachers are in high demand, but what caused the shortage to begin with? We explore the multiple reasons districts are in need of subs now more than ever.

tagged: Hiring, Recruiting, "Teacher shortage"

March 31, 2016

Getting Ready for T-TESS

T-TESS, the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System, is coming soon and it promises to be a sea change in the way teachers and instructional leaders work together.

tagged: T-TESS

March 29, 2016

Discrimination Charges Continue to Rise in Texas

With the highest number of discrimination charges in almost every major category, Texas is the state with perhaps the greatest need for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) training.

tagged: "EEOC compliance"

March 23, 2016

Timing of Conference Under T-TESS

Under the new T-TESS appraisal system, does the end-of-year conference have to be completed before we can recommend nonrenewal of a teacher's contract to the Board of Trustees?

tagged: T-TESS

March 07, 2016

Strong Social Media Practices Beneficial to District Employers

With ongoing teacher shortages, many districts are turning to social media to recruit young talent. 

tagged: "Social media practices"

March 01, 2016

ACA Reporting: Frequently Asked Questions

As the reporting deadlines under the Affordable Care Act near, many new questions arise regarding compliance with the IRS.

tagged: ACA, "Affordable Care Act"

February 25, 2016

Q&A: Political Activity at School

Where do districts draw the line on political activity at school?

tagged: HR

February 25, 2016

Understanding the Details of Joint Employment

A new Administrator’s Interpretation on joint employment should be reviewed by districts that take part in an educational co-op or outsource school district functions.

tagged: Employment, "Employment law"

February 18, 2016

TEA Has New Power to Secure Information in Misconduct Cases

Educator misconduct cases seem to be in the news daily, keeping TEA’s Educator Investigations office busy. Director Doug Phillips talks about how the department’s new subpoena powers are working.

tagged: TEA, "Texas Education Agency"

February 16, 2016

Texas Tech’s Teacher Prep Program Gets $7M for Gates-Funded Reform

The Gates Foundation announced its intent to focus its education reform efforts on teacher preparation in April 2015. Its first effort includes a grant for Texas Tech's College of Education.

tagged: "Teacher training"

Revisit Your Reference-Checking Procedures Before Peak Hiring Season

It’s almost time for school HR departments to start the hiring cycle for next year. Is your reference-checking process up to the task?

tagged: Employment