Announcing Board Continuing Education Credit

Annually, at the last regular board meeting held before an election of trustees, the current president of each local board of trustees shall announce the name of each board member who has completed the required continuing education (pdf), who has exceeded the required hours of continuing education, and who is deficient in the required continuing education as of the date of the meeting.

The announcement shall state that completing the annual required continuing education is a basic obligation and expectation of any sitting board member under State Board Of Education rule. The president shall cause the minutes of the local board to reflect the information and shall make this information available to the local media. (19TAC §61.1(j).

FAQ: Announcing board's continuing education credit

Are we required to report to the public the continuing education board members receive each year? If some of our members have not completed their required continuing education yet, can we postpone the announcement until later? What if our members who haven't completed their required continuing education can't attend a TASB training event before the announcement? How much detail is the president required to announce? How can we keep track of all the continuing education our board members receive so we'll be prepared to make these reports to the public? Who should I contact if I have other questions?

Get more information about training requirements by visiting the Texas Education Agency website, or e-mailing