TASB Training and Events

Whatever the subject, whatever your schedule, TASB provides training to meet your needs … and your continuing education credit requirements!

Training when you need it

The Training section presents ideas for on-demand training, programs, and products that you can pursue at your convenience. Invite TASB staff to your backyard (through in-district training). Participate in voluntary, valuable programs such as Leadership TASB and TASB ISD. Or use the Online Learning Center or TASB Store to access training at your own pace, often in your own den!

2008 TASA/TASB Convention attendeesEvents, for traveling, networking, and training together

For a broad selection of training in one place—whether across the state or at your local education service center—TASB hosts several events. Our regional workshops come to a location near you, or head to one of our conferences. Your entire leadership team can travel and train together at the TASB/TASA Convention.

Delve deeper here to learn more about our training and events, or look to the individual services for specialized training.