Fuel Program

Save money on the gasoline, diesel, propane, and heating oil you use every day with TASB Energy Cooperative’s fuel program.

Cost savings and efficiency

Members of the fuel program have three purchasing options:

  • Make spot purchases at current index or rack rates
  • Participate in the fixed-rate fuel program to lock in fuel rates at fixed prices for a specified period under a fuel purchase agreement with an awarded vendor
  • Combine both options

Fuel request for quotes

The Energy Cooperative’s online Fuel request for quote (RFQ) functionality allows members to request spot pricing on unleaded gasoline, diesel, propane, and heating oil from awarded fuel vendors. This convenient and efficient process can be finalized in a matter of days, versus weeks or months, for a typical formal bid/proposal process.

Stability and budget certainty

Under the Energy Cooperative’s fixed-price fuel program, members can lock unleaded gasoline, diesel, propane, and heating oil rates for the time specified time under a purchase agreement with awarded vendors.

Proposal invitations