Electricity program

TASB Energy Cooperative members in deregulated electricity areas in Texas can experience a low, fixed rate on electricity by participating in our electricity program.

Cost savings and efficiency

  • Save time and resources by letting us compliantly conduct the electricity procurement process for you
  • Lock in ever-changing electricity rates by acting quickly
  • Obtain a fixed electricity price over the length of a contract

We offer options depending on your preferences, needs, and value. The Energy Cooperative’s electricity program can monitor the market to contract only your district’s requirements.

Stability and budget certainty

Under the Energy Cooperative’s current electricity program, the price members pay for electricity through an electricity service agreement with Direct Energy Business, the awarded retail electricity provider, is fixed:

  • Most charges and fees are included in energy prices.
  • Pass-through charges are limited to the specific charges.
  • Applicable taxes are listed in the electricity service agreement.

Direct Energy Business allows members unlimited usage swings and does not penalize members for any contract usage overages or failure to use projected electricity usage.

Direct Energy Business

Direct Energy Business is the retail electric provider (REP) currently awarded by the TASB Energy Cooperative for use by members. Direct Energy Business, through an electricity service agreement with individual participating members, administers the billing, payment, account switching, and general customer service and competitively solicits the wholesale marketplace for the electric commodity on behalf of participating members.

The Energy Cooperative works with Direct Energy Business to act quickly to lock in energy costs over the coming months in order to provide a fixed electricity price over the length of your contract before you actually receive and pay for the electricity. Direct Energy Business also offers Energy Cooperative members such valuable tools as PowerBuy and MyAccount.

View current market conditions.

Direct Energy Business, and their parent company Direct Energy, are part of the Centrica PLC group of companies and a world leader in energy services with more than 33 million customers worldwide.

Contact Erin Scheetz, Direct Energy Business representative, with customer service issues or questions by calling 972.979.4393.


PowerBuy® from Direct Energy Business is an innovative, patented online purchasing platform that connects you with transparent pricing from participating wholesale counterparties that meet Direct Energy Business’ pre-qualification standards. With Direct Energy Business’ rapid-deploy functionality, you’re quickly empowered to leverage market conditions and execute forward purchases at just the right time.

This sophisticated technology is based on a surprisingly simple belief: your organization is entitled to access the wholesale electricity market so that you are able to procure energy at the best available pricing.

With just a few clicks, you have the power to solicit wholesalers directly for your energy needs to meet your pre-determined strike price. And you may even receive offers below this price, allowing you to exceed your budget and savings targets. For more details, visit Direct Energy’s PowerBuy website.


The TASB Energy Cooperative electricity purchasing program is administered by the Texas Association of School Boards, Inc. (TASB), an electricity broker and aggregator registered with the Public Utility Commission of Texas.