To contact the TASB Energy staff, call 800.580.8272 or use the e-mail addresses below.


Adrian Porras


Adam Quinn
Regional Sales Director

Cesar Lopez
Regional Sales Director

Travis Maese
Regional Sales Director

Public information coordinator

Fraud or misconduct

The TASB Energy Cooperative (Cooperative) is administered by the Texas Association of School Boards, Inc. (TASB). As a nonprofit organization devoted to relieving the administrative burdens facing governmental entities, TASB is committed to high ethical standards. Please use the following Fraud and Misconduct Reporting Tool to notify us of any potential fraud or misconduct by a TASB employee or agent.

Please note, questions or concerns about the Cooperative, including Cooperative contracts and awarded vendors, should NOT be reported via this tool. Instead, please contact TASB Energy staff at 800.580.8272 for assistance and guidance. The Cooperative is subject to the Texas Public Information Act and Cooperative records are subject to disclosure under the Act unless otherwise exempt by law.