Data-Based Special Education Workload Staffing Analysis

Boy meeting with TeacherYour team juggles their commitments to the students you serve, budget constraints, and the realities of the system with grace. But you know you can be more efficient and effective.

TASB’s workload staffing analysis provides data-based staffing recommendations built around the individualized education program (IEP) for each student in your district. 

Our extensive analysis of student-specific information can help you:

  • Provide data-based staffing recommendations for working with your special student populations
  • Establish educational setting requirements
  • Determine staff time necessary to accomplish required activities like:
    • Intervention
    • Assessment
    • Collaboration with parents and staff
    • Planning

Workload staffing analysis vs. caseload analysis

The workload staffing analysis approach is more likely than a caseload analysis to confirm your compliance with local, state and federal special education requirements. It accounts for how staff time is spent versus the number of students with IEPs served.

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A workload and staffing analysis is one way TASB helps you support your special populations. TASB Student Solutions offers multiple services to help you meet your goals for educational compliance and student success with special populations.