How to Handle Remote ARD Meetings, 504 Meetings and other Parent Communications during and after COVID-19

COVID-19 considerations for special populationsARD Committee and Section 504 meetings have always presented challenges, even under normal circumstances.

IEP and Section 504 teams are not required to meet in person while schools are closed during the pandemic, and accessible technology can be used to handle IDEA- or 504-required activities. But that doesn’t mean these meetings are all proceeding smoothly.

As school districts tackle the unique demands presented during the COVID-19 pandemic, these meetings are introducing unprecedented obstacles—as well as opportunities.

In the webinar below, David Hodgins, Merri Schneider-Vogel, and Hailey Janecka with Thompson & Horton LLP offer advice based on their actual experiences working through the many unique issues with their school clients. They’ll also discuss actions districts should take as they survive the present and plan for the future—a time when school staff will once again be providing in-person services to their students.

Their presentation on the “when, what, and how” of ARD and Section 504 meetings during these unusual times:

  • Provides information and advice on navigating when to hold an ARD or Section 504 meeting
  • Explores alternatives to conducting meetings, including the use of IEP amendments and “temporary services plans when districts are providing alternatives to in-person services to students
  • Shares practical advice related to conducting virtual ARD and Section 504 meetings, including proper notice, do’s and don'ts during the meetings, specific documentation tips, and pros and cons of various virtual platforms
  • Suggests what to do when confronted with procedural impediments such as difficulty scheduling the meeting due to unresponsive parents/guardians, or necessary participants who refuse to participate

Webinar: It’s A New Day: Hard ARDs, Difficult 504 Meetings and Other Communications to Parents during and after COVID-19

View the presentation slides (pdf), provided by the presenter.

Legal disclaimer

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