Access Special Education Model Operating Procedures with TASB’s Student Solutions Membership

Students loading a school busStudent Solutions helps with special education model operating procedures. You and your team pour time into your students. You're focused on getting them the right services and support to help them succeed. We can help you kickstart the requirement for operating procedures.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires districts to submit special education operating procedures to comply with IDEA 34 C.F.R. §§300.201 (2020) in providing for the education of children with disabilities. Your district must have operating procedures, historically called operating guidelines, that are consistent with the State policies and procedures established under 34 CFR §§300.101 - 300.163 and §§300.165 - 300.174.

TASB offers model operating procedures through our TASB Student Solutions Online™ portal, exclusively for Student Solutions members.

Download a sample of the Student Solutions Operating Procedures Manual (pdf).

Creating, reviewing, and revising your operating procedures can be time-consuming. That’s why TASB created the Student Solutions Membership. Our model operating procedures are vetted through expert school attorneys and special educators.

Membership features

Get ahead of annual updates and cyclical monitoring. Laws and regulations are always changing. You’ll always be on top of things through exclusive access to our Student Solutions Online portal.

Your time is limited, and you know it’s best spent serving the children in your care. That’s why your Student Solutions Membership gives you access to:

  • Customizable special education model operating procedures
  • Resources for running efficient programs centered on best practices
  • Online and local training opportunities for you and your staff

Your team can customize these procedures and adopt them for your district, or work with TASB staff, and we’ll customize them for you.

In addition to model operating procedures, TASB will provide:

  • Templates and instructions for folder reviews
  • Workload analysis structures for staff that serve special education student populations
  • Model best practices to address your needs
  • Online and regional training offerings

Membership cost

You have a lot of forms, tables, and checklists to work on already. Let TASB help you with best practices and updates for your district.

Your membership, and all the resources from TASB Student Solutions that comes with it is yours for the yearly low price of just $750 for individual districts, and $500 per district in shared service arrangements or educational service centers when all districts join.

For an additional fee, we can personalize the special education operating procedures, so you can focus on your students. With our personalization package, we will:

  • Personalize our model procedures with your district’s logo
  • Upload the procedures to The Legal Framework
  • And more

Join now!

To join TASB Student Solutions, complete the membership agreement through DocuSign, call us at 888.247.4829, or email for more information!

Your Student Solutions Membership is just one way TASB helps you support your special populations. TASB Student Solutions offers multiple services to help you meet your goals for educational compliance and student success with special populations.