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Making a Difference for JohnnyMaking a Difference for Johnny, Texas Lone Star magazine, November 2019

Research shows that trauma-informed practices in schools can play a vital role in helping students who have been victims of childhood trauma and chronic stress.

Learning and Language, Texas Lone Star magazine, June 2019

Limited English proficient students face unique challenges in school. Continued research, increased funding, adequate staffing, and supports are key to meeting their needs. Learn more by listening to the TASB Talks podcast on English language learners.

Dealing with Dyslexia, Texas Lone Star magazine, May 2019

TASB Special Education and Student Solutions Division Director Karlyn Keller breaks down the myths, misunderstandings, and realities of addressing the needs of  students with dyslexia.

Moving Toward Race-Conscious Practice, Texas Lone Star magazine, January/February 2019

Potentially biased decisions can impact a child’s special education experience. A thoughtful approach to race-conscious practice is required to educate special-needs children.

A Proportion Problem, Texas Lone Star magazine, September/October 2018

What can school districts do to correct racial misrepresentation in special education populations? TASB Special Education and Student Solutions Division Director Karlyn Keller discusses how school trustees can support a healthy and robust special education program by hiring, training, and retaining high-quality staff who are willing to ask the hard questions.

The Numbers Aren't Adding Up, Texas Lone Star magazine, August 2018

In Texas schools, the identification of children with disabilities decreased from more than 10 percent in 2006-07 to approximately 8 percent a decade later—which spurred TEA’s Corrective Action response to federal concerns about special education enrollment targets. What is even more telling is a deep dive into this data by ethnicity. What’s being done to correct racial misrepresentation in special education?

Special Education Reboot, Texas Lone Star magazine, June 2018

On April 23, The Texas Education Agency released its Special Education Corrective Action Response to the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. TASB Special Education and Student Solutions Division Director Karlyn Keller breaks down what this means for school districts moving forward.


TASB Talks logoEnglish Language Learners, TASB Talks podcast, episode 30

Texas has one of the highest percentages of English language learners in the country at 18%. How can we best support this population? We chat about this question and more with Antonio Cruz, 5th grade master teacher and former dual language teacher at San Antonio ISD, Bea Ramirez, high school ESL district specialist at Northside ISD, and Dr. Karlyn Keller, division director of TASB Special Education and Student Solutions. For more on this topic, read "Learning and Language" from the June 2019 Texas Lone Star magazine.

Racial Imbalance in Special Education, TASB Talks podcast, episode 21

A lack of staff training can lead to misidentification in special education, especially among certain racial groups. What can administrators and school board members do to prevent this? What resources are available to parents whose child has been identified as having special needs? We talked to Dr. Karlyn Keller, TASB Special Education and Student Solutions Division Director, about these issues and more.

A Conversation about Special Education, TASB Talks podcast, episode 18

Listen to episode 18 of TASB Talks to hear Special Education and Student Solutions staff discuss the US Department of Education's recent conclusion that Texas violated federal law with regard to students with disabilities and more.


Staffing models: Caseload analysis versus workload analysis presentation
Presented by: Karlyn Keller, Ed.D., Division Director for TASB Special Education and Student Solutions

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