Information on School Health and Related Services (SHARS)

Texas school districts can get reimbursed for some of the special education services they provide by participating in the School Health and Related Services (SHARS) program. Federal reimbursement for schools is provided through Medicaid for designated services delivered to special education students.

The SHARS program consists of three components:

  1. Participating in three quarterly Random Moment Time Studies
  2. Filing interim claims and receiving payments throughout the year
  3. Completing an annual cost report
Which children qualify for SHARS reimbursement? What services qualify for SHARS reimbursement? Does billing under SHARS impact a child's Medicaid benefits outside of school? How much revenue are we eligible to receive from SHARS reimbursements? How can a school spend funds generated from SHARS? What documentation is a school required to keep to participate in SHARS? How long should a school keep SHARS documentation? Who do I put on my SHARS Participant List (PL)? How can we help your district with SHARS issues?