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Let’s talk about bringing more funds into your district through the School Health and Related Services and Medicaid Administrative Claiming programs! 

General contact information 

  • Policy Support Hotline (Questions related to SHARS policy and compliance): 888.630.6606 
  • Technical Support Hotline (Software): 800.580.3399 
  • Email: 
  • Fax: 512.467.3617 


Dr. Karlyn Keller Dr. Karlyn Keller, Division Director of Special Education and Student Solutions
Dario Avlia Dario Avila, Member Relationship Account Executive
Tricia Gray Tricia Gray, SHARS Account Executive
Ehrikka Hodge Dr. Ehrikka Hodge Messer, SHARS and Special Education Support Account Executive
Leslie Pulliam Leslie Pulliam, IT Support Analyst Team Lead
Laurie Woodel Laurie Woodel, SHARS Senior Account Executive