Update Preview

Districts will begin receiving packets early in December 2020.

This update will include policy recommendations to clarify a few local policies and update provisions in response to revised state rules.

Update 116 will include the following local policies:

  • CQB—cybersecurity
  • DCD—at-will employment
  • DCE—other types of employment contracts
  • FFAC—medical treatment
  • GKA—conduct on school premises

Contact your Policy Consultant if your district is considering revisions to or development of any of these local codes.
: Timely adoption of your localized updates is important to ensure that your manual reflects current law.

New with Update 116—Local Policy Overview is replacing Vantage Points

Beginning with Update 116, Policy Service will have a newly redesigned publication, Local Policy Overview, in both video and written document formats. The Local Policy Overview replaces Vantage Points, previously provided on yellow paper in mailed update packets and available online.

Like Vantage Points, the Local Policy Overview will continue to provide a high-level overview of the changes to the (LOCAL) policies in the update and has been redesigned to better present this information and to meet accessibility standards for individuals with visual impairments.

Both the video and written formats of the Local Policy Overview will be available on myTASB in Policy Manual Update Resources. From there, you may forward them electronically or print the written document for distribution to staff and board members.

Reminders regarding this change will be emailed to districts in November, and included in the Update 116 packet.

Regulations Resource Manual (RRM) Update 62 will be available in early December. This RRM update will include revisions to model regulations and forms corresponding with Update 116.

District superintendents, superintendent administrative assistants, and policy contacts will receive an email from Policy Service when the revised RRM is online.