Update Preview

Districts will begin receiving Update 118 packets in mid-October 2021.

This will be a large update and will include policy recommendations to address most of the legislative changes from the 87th Legislature, Regular Session. Update 119, scheduled for mid-2022, is expected to be smaller.

Update 118 will include the following local policies. Relevant House or Senate Bill numbers are in parentheses.

  • CQB(LOCAL)—cybersecurity (HB 1118, SB 1267, and SB 1696)
  • DP(LOCAL)—personnel positions (SB 179)
  • EHAA(LOCAL)—required instruction (HB 1525)
  • EHBC(LOCAL)—compensatory/accelerated services (HB 4545)
  • EIE(LOCAL)—retention and promotion (HB 4545)
  • FDE(LOCAL)—school safety transfers (HB 375)
  • FEA(LOCAL)—compulsory attendance (SB 289)
  • FEC(LOCAL)—attendance for credit (HB 699)
  • FFG(LOCAL)—child abuse and neglect (HB 3379)
  • FL(LOCAL)—student records (HB 4545)

In addition to those policies impacted by legislation, other policies in Update 118 include:

  • CFD(LOCAL)—activity funds management (changes based on revisions to the Financial Accountability System Resource Guide)
  • DFE(LOCAL)—resignation (changes to clarify processes for end-of-year contract employee resignations)

What to do if you are considering revisions to any of the above policies: Contact your Policy Consultant before presenting any drafts to your board.

Note: There are several policies affected by legislation that will not be included in Update 118 but may require updating based on district practice. Districts should contact their Policy Service consultant for assistance with preparing drafts of the applicable policies.

  • DEC(LOCAL)—leaves and absences (SB 1359 and HB 2073): Statutory changes require that peace officers be provided mental health leave and quarantine leave. These laws require a policy change for any school district with commissioned peace officers. Policy Service sent an email communication in July with information on local policy changes to districts that, according to our records, employ peace officers.
  • EIC(LOCAL)—class ranking (SB 1697): A new law permits parents to elect to have their student repeat a high school course from the 2020–21 school year during the 2021–22 school year, even one in which the student earned credit. If your district decides to include the grade from a retaken course in the class rank calculation, contact your policy consultant for sample policy text.
  • FDA(LOCAL)—interdistrict transfers (SB 204): Changes to the Education Code permit a school district to operate a school transportation system for interdistrict transfer students outside district boundaries and without having an interlocal agreement with the transferring district if the district meets applicable certification requirements and has a policy that prohibits the screening of transfer requests using academic performance, disciplinary history, or attendance records. Contact your consultant if you need changes to FDA(LOCAL).

In addition, HB 547 authorizes districts to allow homeschool students to participate in UIL activities. There is no requirement to include the district’s decision in local policy. Review the UIL FAQs on this topic and contact the UIL with any questions.

Regulations Resource Manual (RRM) Update 64 will be available in mid-October. This RRM update will include revisions to model regulations and forms corresponding with Update 118.

District superintendents, superintendent administrative assistants, and policy contacts will receive an email from Policy Service when the revised RRM is online.