Policy Service Resources

TASB Policy Service offers a variety of resources to Texas school districts and ESCs. Membership includes the following publications and resources.

Update Preview

Lists local policy codes and other information about the next local manual update.

Policy Development

Policy Reference Manual

The TASB Policy Reference Manual (PRM) contains legally referenced policies and exhibits governing the operation of Texas school districts..  

Regulations Resource Manual

The TASB Regulations Resource Manual (RRM) is a set of model administrative procedures and forms designed to complement school districts' legal and local policies.

Legal Tips, Model Publications, Policy Alerts, and Guides

The following resources are available in the Governance and Management Library in Policy Online®.

  • Legal Tips for Policy Development
  • TASB Model Student Handbook 
  • TASB Model Student Code of Conduct 
  • Policy Alerts
  • Guides to policy management

Access to these resources are available to superintendents, executive assistants, and the district's policy contact. If you need access, contact your Policy Service consultant.