Policy Service Resources

Update Resources

Policy Manual Update Resources

Helps district administrators and trustees with policy updates, including the Local Policy Overview in both video and written document formats and legal issues for the previous three Updates.

Update Preview

Lists local policy codes and other information about the next local manual update.

Policy Development

Policy Alerts

Advisories regarding changes in law or other issues that can affect most school districts.

Policy Topics

Administrative Regulations

The Regulations Resource Manual helps superintendents create local procedures and regulations for the district's employees.

Policy Reference Manual

This compendium of law helps trustees and superintendents learn about the statutory context for school district governance.


Model Student Code of Conduct

The Model Student Code of Conduct helps districts develop and maintain their Student Code of Conduct, mandated by Texas Education Code Chapter 37.

Model Student Handbook

The Model Student Handbook helps communicate essential information to students and parents for the current school year.


A list of Tutorials including training materials, videos, webinar recordings, and articles to assist in the administrative and board duties involved in maintaining your district's policies.

Many of these resources are in myTASB. Access to myTASB is available to superintendents, executive assistants, and the district's policy contact. If you need access, contact your Policy Service consultant.