TASB Copyrighted Policy Resources FAQ

The Texas Association of School Boards, Inc. (TASB) offers its members several policy and model resources through elective, fee-based programs—TASB Policy Service, TASB Community College Services, TASB HR Services, and TASB Student Solutions (collectively “Policy Resources”). Most of these Policy Resources are proprietary publications made accessible through an annual paid subscription or program membership and all are copyrighted by TASB.

TASB Policy Service and TASB Community College Services, in particular, offer access to Policy Reference Manuals [known as (LEGAL) policies] and model policies for local adoption [known as (LOCAL) policies]. TASB Policy Service also offers a Model Student Code of Conduct and model regulatory content such as the Regulations Resource Manual and Model Student Handbook. TASB HR Services offers a Model Employee Handbook and a Community College Model Employee Handbook. TASB Student Solutions offers model regulatory content, such as operating procedures.

Below is information about how TASB’s copyrighted Policy Resources are no longer available for authorized use in the event of member nonrenewal or termination.

1. If TASB membership or membership in any of its programs (i.e., Policy Service, Community College Services, HR Services, Student Solutions) is terminated, does access to the Policy Resources continue through the end of the relevant contract year?

Membership in TASB is a prerequisite to membership in any of its programs offering Policy Resources. TASB’s agreements do not provide for the continuation of benefits beyond the cessation or termination of membership.

2. Does TASB own a district’s local policies?

No. TASB claims no ownership of the contents of (LOCAL) policies that have been properly adopted by the board of a TASB member (“board-adopted local policies”). However, TASB retains ownership of the alphabetical letter codes used to identify its (LOCAL) model policies and templates; the form, selection, and arrangement of the contents; and the text of any margin notes. TASB further retains its copyright interest in all unadopted (LOCAL) model policies and templates.

With regard to (LEGAL) policies, however, TASB retains all right, title, and interest to its (LEGAL) policies, which have NOT been authorized for local adoption.

3. May a district access its policies through Policy Online® if Policy Service membership terminates?

No. A district must be a member of TASB, a subscriber to Policy Service, and a subscriber to Policy Updating Services to enter into a Policy Online User Agreement.

4. May a district obtain TASB local model policies or samples if Policy Service membership terminates?

Policy Service subscribers have access to TASB model policies and samples as benefits of Policy Service membership. These copyrighted resources are not available after membership terminates.

5. May a district access the Model Student Handbook (MSHB) or Model Student Code of Conduct (MSCOC) if Policy Service membership terminates?

The MSHB and MSCOC are benefits of Policy Service membership. These copyrighted resources are not available after membership terminates.

6. May a district still talk to its policy consultant if Policy Service membership terminates?

Subscribers enjoy access to policy consulting services as a benefit of Policy Service membership. This benefit ceases when membership terminates.

7. May a district use the TASB alphabet code structure in its policies?

A district may publish the contents of board-adopted local policies; however, a district is not authorized to adopt new or amended policies using TASB’s unique letter codes, coding structure, or compilation of content.

8. May a district’s lawyer use TASB materials to update a district’s policy manual?

A district must be a member of TASB and current subscriber of Policy Service to access and use the copyrighted publications and resources of TASB Policy Service. Duplication or distribution for non-subscriber use is prohibited unless authorized in writing by TASB. A district’s counsel may use the contents of a district’s board-adopted local policies.

9. May a person use TASB policy materials in a public presentation or training?

A person may use the contents of a district’s board-adopted local policies. A person wishing to use any other TASB policy materials (e.g., TASB (LEGAL) policies, unadopted TASB model (LOCAL) policies and templates, margin notes, or TASB’s unique letter codes or coding structure) must request written authorization from TASB Policy Service. Unauthorized duplication or distribution of these copyrighted publications and resources is prohibited.